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Regardless of whether you require an air filtration solution suitable for indoor or outdoor use, Duroair’s market-leading, modular systems are appropriate for marinas, navy yards, marine maintenance, assembly and repair facilities, and a wide range of applications. Combine Duroair’s clean air technology with its retractable enclosures to create a breakthrough alternative to conventional permanent structures for applications where indoor air quality is a priority.

Uses include:
  • Paint & coatings
  • Sanding & grinding
  • Cleanrooms
  • Mobile Paint Booth
Typical marine applications:
  • Marine maintenance & repair facilities
  • Pleasure craft marinas
  • Retractable paint booth
  • Marine vessel sub-assembly manufacturing facilities that require enclosures scalable to the size of large workpieces
  • Ship building and industrial marine vessel manufacturing facilities where enclosure applications run in low volumes
  • Navy yards
  • High value/low volume pleasure craft manufacturing
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Applicable Solutions

The world’s first portable indoor air filtration system that completely recycles air without the need to exhaust contaminants to the outside environment.

A fully modular indoor air quality solution that uses patented two-stage, tapered airflow technology to filter 99.4% of all airborne contaminants.

A customizable, retractable enclosure system, capable of retracting to 20% of its extended length, combine with DuroPure™or DuroCap™.

Case Marina Boat FarCase Study

A U.S.-based company that specializes in high-end restoration and construction of historic and classic wooden boats was moving to a new shop that was designed to accommodate the workflow of hand-built operations.

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