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Duroair’s innovative, customizable non-vented and vented air filtration solutions include the patent pending DuroPure™ and patented DuroCap™ systems. Both products are designed to be integrated into a cellular manufacturing environment and are capable of significantly improving material flow and handling.

Both systems use Duroair’s patented taper-draft airflow technology which balances air with horizontal airflow to create an air envelope impervious to contamination from dusty or dirty floors, resulting in faster dry times of water-based paints and coatings and optimized control of overspray.

When paired with our DuroRoom™ retractable enclosure systems, Duroair can provide tailored solutions and a cleanroom environment that meet any customer’s unique air quality needs.

Non-Vented Air Recycling Filtration Solutions


tech_duropureDuroPure™ is the market-leading air filtration system that completely recycles air without exhausting contaminants outside

  • Six-stage filtration system equipped with high efficiency particulate filter technologies to capture 100% of airborne particulates and eliminate chemicals and vapours
  • Capital savings thanks to elimination of installation costs for venting and air make-up

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Conventional Vented Filtration Solutions


tech_durocapDuroCap™ is an air filtration solution that uses patented two-stage, tapered airflow technology to filter 99.4% of all airborne contaminants

  • Patented taper-draft airflow technology creates an air envelope not susceptible to contamination from dusty or dirty floors
  • Production air interlocked with fans for safety, with fresh breathing air supplied into enclosure

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Retractable Enclosure


tech_duroroomDuroRoom™ is designed to accommodate any size of your workpieces and the enclosure retracts to 20% of the full size when not in use

  • The retractable enclosures are totally customizable and engineered to accommodate your project, no matter the size
  • Fabricated from your choice of fire-resistant clear vinyl or metal (material may depend on requirements within your jurisdiction)

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Taper-Draft Air Filtration Technology

Duroair’s patented taper-draft airflow technology is at the heart of its world-leading air filtration systems. It is an innovative alternative to existing cross draft technology in the coating industry. Taper draft works by pulling a high volume of clean air through an intake filter that, once inside the enclosure, creates an envelope of airflow over the work piece and continues to flow directly into the filter chamber. The result is a clean air chamber that serves as a working area not susceptible to dirty or dusty floors, with improved drying times, optimized control of overspray, and superior finishes.

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