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Cleanroom Solutions

20150707_085151_cleanroom_sm2Duroair’s climate controlled cleanrooms provide clean air environments where the concentration of airborne particles, airflow rates and direction, pressurization, temperature, humidity and specialized filtration are all tightly controlled.

As the primary design goal of cleanroom is the particulate control, Duroair’s design considerations include airflow distribution and control, filtration, and air re-circulation. Some of the aspects include:

  • Control of particulate
  • Control of temperature
  • Control of humidity
  • Gaseous contaminants
  • Airflow pattern control
  • Pressurization

A cleanroom environment

Duroair’s cleanrooms are designed and manufactured using strict protocol and methods – available in fully portable configurations and in sizes accommodating nearly all environmental challenges and capable of providing airflow capacity to meet most needs.

  • Compliant with ISO Cleanroom standards up to Class 1000 (ISO6)
  • Temperature and humidity controls available
  • Positive or negative pressurization
  • Tailored filtration systems to suit specific requirements
  • Integration of dust filtration & collection

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Recent Project

A unique Climate Controlled Cleanroom design that includes a proprietary, fully portable, non-vented DuroPure™ indoor air purification system equipped with a climate control unit in combination with a custom-designed DuroRoom™ retractable enclosure.

  • Climate controlled cleanroom with DuroPure™
  • Portable DuroRoom™ retractable enclosure
  • Improves drying times of the adhesives
  • Existing floor/building space is maximized
  • No equipment and installation costs for air make-up

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Cleanroom are typically used in manufacturing, packaging, and research facilities associated with following industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Electronics and semiconductor
  • Medical devices manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical processing, preparation and packaging


  • Advanced material research
  • Painting, bonding & adhesion
  • Spray lay-up process
  • Bio containment
  • Quarantine requirements
  • Surgical suites & procedure areas
  • Germ-free biotic facilities