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Non-Vented Air Recycling Filtration Solutions

DuroPure video thumbnailDuroPure™ is the market leading, portable indoor air filtration and recycling unit that completely recycles and recirculates air without exhausting contaminants to the outside environment. This advanced air purification system is made possible through a patent pending, high-efficiency, six-stage filtration process to capture 100% of airborne particulates, as well as gases and vapours, resulting in thoroughly cleaned air that is well within OSHA’s allowable standards. DuroPure™ removes the need for outside venting, air make-up and its associated costs.  Having no vents also improves your security as non-vented air recycling filtration allows a discreet way of working by way of eliminating the need for large outside vents.




DuroPure™ is a market leading, solution-based approach to air filtration and purification that completely purifies contaminated air, safely returning recycled air to your workspace.

  • Patent pending six-stage filtration
  • Capital savings up front by eliminating venting and air make-up costs
  • Minimal installation requirements
  • Allows for full use of overhead crane for loading and unloading
  • Exceeds all standards for employee health and safety

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Recent Project

A U.S.-based company that specializes in high-end restoration and construction of historic and classic wooden boats was moving to a new shop that was designed to accommodate the workflow of…

  • Used fully portable, non-vented DuroPure™
  • Tailored DuroRoom™ retractable enclosure
  • Equipped with Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) for airflow control
  • Existing floor/building space is maximized
  • Finishing quality is uncompromised

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Industry Applications – Coating, Painting, Grinding, Paint Mixing Booth, Finishing Systems, and Sanding