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Taper-Draft Air Filtration Technology

air flowDuroair’s patented taper-draft airflow technology is at the heart of its market-leading air filtration systems. It is an innovative alternative to existing cross draft technology. Taper draft works by pulling a high volume of clean air through an intake filter that, once inside the enclosure, creates an envelope of airflow over the work piece and continues to flow directly into the filter chamber.

The result is a clean air chamber that serves as a working area not susceptible to dirty or dusty floors, with improved drying times, optimized control of overspray, and superior finishes.

A wicking process is created by the air envelope that pulls moisture off the work piece, significantly reducing coating dry times, especially for water-based paints and coatings. The air envelope creates a clean air chamber safe to work in and impervious to contamination from dusty or dirty floors.

When used correctly, overspray is pulled directly into the tapered filtration chamber and does not settle onto the work piece, shop floors, paint booth or anywhere that will present a quality issue.