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  • Date : 21 / 03 / 2014
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Cosmetic Reconditioning Services To Automotive Fleet Operations

Situation: A U.S.-based world leader in providing cosmetic reconditioning services to automotive fleet operations such as rental agencies, lease management companies and automotive auctions was looking to improve its margins. Its services are largely required on an “as needed” rather than an “as scheduled” basis in order to accommodate optimum vehicle availability. Said services are provided on location in either leased permanent facilities or semi-permanent metal enclosures. The costs associated with equipment teardown and re-location upon contract completion had a negative impact on margins, while long lead times prior to service availability restricted the number of contract opportunities.

Solution: Duroair suggested the use of multiple fully portable DuroPure™ indoor air purification systems in combination with custom-designed DuroRoom™ retractable enclosures. The DuroPure™ unit’s air handling capacity is dictated by the area of the retractable enclosures, while the patented tapered airflow technology improves drying times and optimizes overspray control. The compact, modular design of the unit makes it easy and affordable to ship by truck or to store it for future use. Minimal installation requirements result in plug and use in as little as three hours.

Results: The use of fully portable and affordably transportable Duroair solutions reduced re-location costs by $10,000 for each contract, delivering an enhanced bottom line. The company also enjoyed dramatically reduced lead times, minimal installation requirements and superior finish quality that resulted in increased number of contract wins and improved cash flows, and overall preservation of their standing as a market leader.