Costly Challenges for Aerospace and Aviation

Manufacturing Advances Drive
Need for Clean Air Innovation
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Is Air Quality Disrupting Your Mission-Critical Manufacturing?

From AI-machining and laser welding to 3D printing and R&D prototyping, each new innovation in aerospace and aviation manufacturing brings byproducts and airborne particulates that can threaten indoor air quality and shop floor equipment and operations.

This white paper looks at five costly clean air challenges:

  1. Multi-processes – sanding, coating, and painting
  2. Prototyping and inspection
  3. CNC machining
  4. Additive manufacturing
  5. Robotic and laser welding

Safeguarding these processes requires industrial air filtration that is modular and flexible enough to adapt to each cellular workflow.

Download your free copy of this white paper today to identify the most troublesome safety and productivity challenges from particulates produced by these processes. It also explores cost-effective solutions to isolate and contain these indoor air hazards.

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