Why Modular Clean Rooms Work Best for Manufacturers

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Increasingly, manufacturers are called upon to do production and assembly that requires clean room environments — for example when working with electronic components, pharmaceutical processing, medical instruments, food preparation, aerospace and military applications, and micro- and nano-systems.

Equipping existing manufacturing environments to meet clean room requirements can be disruptive and expensive. This makes modular clean room solutions ideal since they are quick to install and easy to maintain.

Moreover, modular clean rooms can be used to maximize product flow and optimize flexibility in most controlled manufacturing environments — as well as prepare them to accommodate the growing number of future manufacturing opportunities involving clean room environments.

Properly configured, modular clean rooms:

  • Don’t interfere with material handling equipment
  • Maximize the use of limited facility floor space
  • Can be moved to work pieces, rather than the other way around
  • Can be equipped with non-vented air filtration technology, eliminating the need to vent outside
  • Cost a fraction of the price of fixed clean room systems

To learn more about how modular clean rooms can help your business add clean room technology to your facility with minimal disruption to ongoing work and existing processes, download this FREE white paper today.

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