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  • Date : 10 / 09 / 2015
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  • Comments : Comments Off on World leader in steam turbine technology development and application contracted to build six steam powered energy plants
World leader in steam turbine technology development and application contracted to build six steam powered energy plants

Situation: A world leader in the development and application of steam turbine technology was contracted to build six steam powered energy plants for an overseas customer. A key component in the manufacturing process of most of the equipment parts was the application of a protective coating prior to final assembly and transportation for delivery. The onsite conventional fixed coating facility was located a significant distance away from the turbine manufacturing area in the sprawling plant layout. As a consequence, the coating process severely inhibited material flow and also interfered with the use of 5 overhead cranes as the parts were moved to and from the fixed coating operation. The resulting increase in production cycle times and points of waste throughout the facility negatively impacted the plant’s bottom line.

Solution: Duroair presented its modular designed retractable DuroRoom enclosure that retracts to 20% of the extended length when not in use, thus optimizing the use of available floor space while improving product flow. The custom-size DuroRoom was combined with Duroair’s proprietary fully mobile, non-vented DuroPure indoor air purification system. Duroair’s solution-based approach of non-vented air filtration and retractable enclosure systems is uniquely designed to maximize product flow in finishing operations.

DuroPure is the market leading, portable indoor air filtration and recycling unit that completely recycles and recirculates air without exhausting contaminants to the outside environment. This advanced air purification system is made possible through a patented, high-efficiency, six-stage filtration process to capture 100% of airborne particulates, as well as gases and vapours, resulting in thoroughly cleaned air that is well within OSHA’s allowable standards. DuroPure eliminates the need for outside venting, air make-up and its associated costs.

The best equipment for an efficient plant layout can be easily disconnected from utilities and building infrastructure and moved as production needs dictate changes in plant floor layout. The Duroair solution provides point-of-use coating capabilities and is a critical component in waste reduction and optimizing cycle times.

Results: The Duroair system installation of just 2 days avoided any significant downtime in production. Efficient material flow is achieved by inserting the Duroair system into the productions process where and when the coating application is required. Material handling with overhead cranes is no longer impeded and overall plant efficiency is maximized. The quick deployment through plug and play capability of the Duroair solution resulted in shortened production times while eliminating waste of motion. As a result of the positive experience with Duroair and overall performance of the system, the Six Sigma-focused company now has plans to implement this solution in various locations throughout North America.