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About Us

The Business Case for Clean Air

Dedicated to improving the health and safety of workers and the efficiency of plant operations, Duroair Technologies, Inc., engineers and manufactures flexible end-to-end clean air solutions for industrial facilities.

Throughout North America, Duroair partners with companies in the aerospace, defense, marine, and metal fabrication industries to innovate tailored solutions that meet environmental, health, and safety regulations while having a positive impact on the bottom line.

Duroair’s signature product is its patented retractable enclosure system, which can be engineered to meet EHS requirements governing processes ranging from finishing to clean room production.

Duroair’s solution-based approach – vented and non-vented air filtration, retractable enclosure systems and climate controlled cleanrooms – uses truly innovative technology and design that:

  • Significantly reduce costs associated with installation and air make-up, including:
    • No permitting costs
    • No building penetration
    • No additional costs for ductwork
  • Increase productivity through modular design by:
    • Maximizing existing work spaces
    • Reducing assembly line time and production downtime
    • Reducing dry time for water-based coatings and paint
    • Handling challenging large scale projects with greater ease





Duroair’s non-vented and vented air filtration technologies are unique solutions for the aerospace industry during coating, painting, sanding or grinding process.

Duroair offers retractable indoor air purification systems that save aerospace organizations and professionals time and money, while simultaneously boosting daily efficiency and enhancing working conditions.



Duroair’s innovative, environmentally-sound and customizable indoor air treatment solutions can change the way defense maintenance, repair, manufacturing and research and development facilities operate.

Combine Duroair’s air filtration systems with its retractable enclosures to create a breakthrough alternative to conventional permanent structures for applications where security and indoor air quality is an issue.



Regardless of whether you require an air filtration solution suitable for indoor or outdoor use, Duroair’s market-leading, modular systems are appropriate for marinas, navy yards, marine maintenance, assembly and repair facilities, and a wide range of applications.

Handle challenging large scale projects with confidence and efficiency with Duroair’s modular, environmentally-compliant air filtration systems.

Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication

Duroair’s world-leading, modular air technology is suited to significantly boost efficiency, and save costs for diverse companies throughout the metal fabrication industry.

Duroair’s patented non-vented and patented vented configurations are ideally suited for cellular, and flex-lean manufacturing environments. The innovative solutions also provide the added benefit of not impeding the full use of overhead cranes.