How it Works

DuroPure™ is the world’s first, indoor air filtration system that goes beyond OSHA compliance to capture 99+% of airborne particulates like hexavalent chromium, VOCs, and isocyanates, and recirculates clean air back into the workspace. With built-in casters and no ducting required, it moves easily with your workflows and is plug and play or deployable.

Pair it with:

  • DuroRoom™ to create a clean air envelope around workpieces for a contaminant free retractable work station.

Key Features

  • Patented Six-Stage Filtration: Multi-stage particulate collection and multi-stage gas collection with carbon adsorption and UV PCO (photocatalytic oxidation) technology
  • Taper Draft Airflow Technology: For maximum velocity around products painted in DuroRoom enclosure and minimized accidental overspray and enclosure wall residue
  • Meets/Exceeds CFM Requirements: Engineered per airflow requirements from 13,500 CFM to 200,000 CFM and beyond, to achieve airflow over 100 FPM at the intake filter face and ensure airflow remains below code requirements of 25% of the LEL (lower explosion limit)
  • Safety Features Production: Air interlocked fans with fresh breathing line supplied
  • Exhaust System: Creates a negative-pressure vacuum seal to contain particulates and chemical contaminants
  • Fans: Non-sparking, reverse incline fan wheels, in sizes 18” to 35”, 5hp to 25hp motors dependent on airflow requirements, with 3.5” static pressure
  • Optional LEL Monitor: If LEL monitor reaches “set point” the air solenoid is shut down to ensure no more VOCs are produced
  • VOC Monitor: VOC C-21, solid-state gas monitor capable of sensing a variety of gases and vapors (C-21 is for solvent vapors, etc.) and the system shuts down spray gun if the VOC monitor is triggered
  • Fire Suppression: Designed by Kidde Badger for protection of exhaust systems and the enclosure, meets NFPA 17 standards and UL listed
  • Defense Centers for Public Health – Aberdeen (DCPH-A) tested and verified by Army Engineers and Industrial Hygienists: The DuroPure system mitigates exposure to hexavalent chromium, isocyanates and VOCs, meeting HQDA’s mandate

Technical Specifications

  • Patented filtration is created using a unique configuration of panel, pocket dual pleat , V bank, UV and carbon filters.
  • Built-in control panel and air regulation with no makeup air required.
  • Air quality monitor and magnehelic gauge indicating when filters require changing.
  • Available as 208/230/460V three phase.
  • Variable frequency drive (VFD) to optimize and control airflow.
  • Automatic shut off to spray gun if VOCs exceed acceptable regulation levels.
  • Carbon filter housing section with induct air VOC oxidizer.
  • Portable on casters.

For ISO classifications and other technical information, download our DuroPure fact sheet!


DuroPure™ ISO 14644-1 Classifications

All classifications are in accordance with U.S. Federal Standard 209E and represent concentrations of particles using reference size of 0.5 micron:

Code Compliance Code Description
NFPA 33 spray application
ANSI Z9.7 as per the requirements of NFPA33 Chapter 7.5.2.
NFPA 17 dry chemical extinguishing systems
NFPA 701 fabric - flame resistance
OSHA 29CFR - 1910.107 spray finishing
OSHA 29CFR - 1910.94 ventilation
OHSA O.Reg 851-63 ignition or explosive
OHSA O.Reg 851-65 dust - ignition or explosive
OHSA O.Reg 213.5.12 fire code - spray operation
EPA 40CFR - Part 63.11173 spray finishing requirements - Electrical CSA Certified
OSHA silica standard for general industry