A Big Shift In Clean Air

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Duroair has designed and engineered the most flexible and efficient clean air systems in the market — the patented six-stage DuroPureâ„¢ industrial air filtration system paired with the retractable DuroRoomâ„¢ enclosure creates a lean manufacturing layout where it is needed.

Our plug-and-play modular system is designed to isolate processes in any work cell and filter hazards like hexavalent chromium, isocyanates, dust, or VOCs, ensuring worker safety, saving time, and maximizing your bottom line.

Gain Flexibility

DuroRoom enclosures retract to provide easy access to overhead cranes. Say goodbye to costly moves and lengthy disruptions when moving oversized workpieces.

Save Money

No ductwork or air makeup is required with the DuroPure recirculating system. Treated air does not need to be vented, saving on heating, or cooling costs.

Save Time

Reduce bottlenecks. Retractable enclosures provide access to an overheard crane which means easier material handling.

Increase Flexibility

Integrate a DuroRoom around large workpieces. Retractable enclosures provide access to overhead cranes.

Maximize Space

DuroRoom enclosures retract to 20% of their extended length. Keep space productive. Retract an enclosure when not in use to use for other purposes.

Make the Work Day Easier

A DuroRoom enclosure can be opened and closed with two people in minutes. Once retracted the enclosure can be stored at a fraction of its functional space.

Stay Compliant

6 stages of air filtration meets and often exceeds your industry's clean air quality requirements.

The Duroair system puts less expensive filters in front of more expensive ones to protect them and extend their life.

The retractable enclosures use vinyl fabric with a 95% light transfer. Most enclosures do not require supplemental lighting.


The six-stage DuroPure system meets compliance requirements of: Duroair also has 2, 3 and 4 stage air filtration systems for cleanrooms, corrosion control, coating, mechanical assembly, welding, dust collection and bonding processes.

Bringing clean air to the workpiece

DuroRoom enclosures are flexible, and designed to contain processes where they are created in your plant workflow. With the right filtration, clean air is brought to the workpiece with no worry of complicated moves and risk of damage to large components.

Systems provide:


Move the enclosure not the workpiece.

Streamlined Workflow

Need a controlled environment for mechanical assembly? Duroair can design a clean air solution and integrate it into your plant layout.

  • Integrate a 3 in 1 enclosure into current work cells. The flexibility enables production needs to determine its use. Use as one large cell or as 2 or 3 smaller cells.
  • Use one enclosure to prepare surfaces (composite repair, sanding, bonding) and then apply coatings.
  • Integrate a 3 in 1 enclosure into current work cells. The flexibility enables production needs to determine its use. Use as one large cell or as 2 or 3 smaller cells.
  • Use one enclosure to prepare surfaces (composite repair, sanding, bonding) and then apply coatings.

Manufacturers are often forced to transport large pieces by dolly into a separate bay. This type of movement may cause other workflows to temporarily stop, slowing work in progress. Instead, retract an enclosure and move a large work piece in place by an overhead crane or easily position in place and extend the room around the workpiece.

Retracts in minutes

When painting and/or prep work is completed, the enclosure can be retracted and stored at a fraction of its functional space. Or, can move to be used in an alternate location.

How it provides maximum flexibility

Duroair has taken its engineering ingenuity to a new level by designing a multi-chamber booth that accommodates up to three separate clean-air operations at the same time.

Setup Options

The three chambers can be used independently, or one or both of the interior curtains can be opened so that one or two functions can be performed. Easily prep, paint, or coat three workpieces at the same time!

1-1-1 ratio for three separate operations.

In the case of prep work, painting, and coating, the workpiece is moved the shortest possible distance for the next function.

2-1 ratio for two operations.

This can eliminate or reduce backlogs, especially since some functions require more time than others.

1 single operation in the entire space.

This accommodates a larger workpiece, such as the wing of an aircraft, an entire wind turbine, or a large engine workpiece.

Workflow Opportunities

The flexibility provides opportunities.

More easily manage multiple projects that all involve surface prep, sanding, painting and/or coating.

Eliminate outsourcing of one or more functions.

How the 6-stage air
filtration system works


The first three stages capture particulates, including hexavalent chromium and particulate isocyanates. The air filtration system places less expensive filters in front of more expensive, technically-advanced filters to protect them and extend filter life.

STAGE 1: captures particulates to 10 microns in size.
STAGE 2: captures particulates to 5 microns in size.
STAGE 3: captures particulates to 1 micron in size.

The third stage filter can be changed to accommodate Merv15, HEPA, NESHAP 319 standards, depending upon needs. This provides the manufacturing flexibility to do different operations in the enclosure.

Stages 4-6

The three-stage gas filtration process includes photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) and UV light to separate and destroy VOCs. Carbon adsorbs contaminants and UV light destroys VOCs.



The system safely captures and destroys 99+ percent of airborne particulates, including:

Hexavalent chromium, Isocyanates, Volatile Organic Compounds

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