Alternative Energy

Clean Air Technologies Engineered For Alternative Energy

Environmental control is easier said than done when you’re manufacturing alternative energy solutions. Humidity, temperature fluctuations, and dust can corrode your copper solar panel or battery components. Metal finishing, coating, or painting containment is a daunting task when working with behemoth turbine bases and blades.

But, how do you isolate your critical processes in a controlled clean air environment without breaking your material handling budget? The answer is a flexible indoor air filtration solution that can be engineered to expand and move with your unique workflows.

Modular Industrial Air Filtration for Alternative Energy Manufacturing

Duroair modular clean air technologies for alternative energy can be deployed when and where needed, from short-term welding tasks to long-term construction projects. Each customized retractable system protects your delicate operations without draining your bottom line.

Alternative energy clean air solutions include:

  • Flexible, retractable DuroRoom ™ enclosures for isolating large-scale work pieces and preventing material handling bottlenecks
  • Retractable coating and painting booths to contain even the largest work pieces, paired with a DuroCap™ vented system, to filter 99.4 percent of all airborne contaminants and speed paint curing time
  • Portable, modular retractable enclosures, coupled with DuroPure™ engineered exhaust systems, to move when and where you need to control contaminants from blasting, grinding, coating and welding processes
  • Welding containment with a DuroRoom™ retractable enclosure to capture both smoke and mist, without impeding crane access or interfering with current ventilation infrastructure
  • Dust containment, coupled with customized vented and recirculating filtration systems, DuroCap™, DuroPure™, DuroDust™, or DuroClean™, to capture particulates before they compromise environmentally-sensitive components

Solutions for Your Industry

The purchase of our Duroair system has allowed us to bring the coatings process in-house without permanently giving up our shop floor space. As a result, we have increased our customer responsiveness, as well as reduced our operating cost while providing a safe environment for our employees.

Pete M.
Manufacturing Manager, AZZ Inc.