How It Works

The DuroClean™ exhaust system filters air to an ISO 6 standard to create portable clean rooms or isolation rooms for mechanical assembly, additive manufacturing, R&D, and other processes requiring a clean environment. Combined with our DuroRoom retractable enclosure, the DuroClean engineered exhaust system becomes a flexible, cost-effective solution for on-demand clean rooms and isolation rooms wherever and whenever they are needed.

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Key Features

  • Negative & Positive Pressure Capability: Isolates hazardous processes or protects a process within a larger manufacturing facility for a safe, controlled environment.
  • Neutral Pressure Capability: for simple containment.
  • HEPA Filter Configurations: Options include single pass and recirculating designs, with options for cooling and heating and dehumidification.
  • Custom Filtration Options: include prefilter, gas phase media, and HEPA and ULPA filters available in 99.97 and 99.99% efficiencies with options for UV light.
  • Airflow Options: Laminar or unidirectional airflow systems, as well as turbulent or non-unidirectional airflow systems.
  • Air Changes Per Hour (ACH): Combines air changes per hour (ACH) with filtered air circulating into the cleanroom many times per hour (designed to meet ISO classifications).

Technical Specifications

  • Fans designed with reverse, incline fan wheels and inlet cones. Non-sparking constructed with fan sizes from 18" to 35" with 5hp to 25hp motors dependent on airflow requirements. Airflow designed at 3.5" static pressure.
  • Variable frequency drive (VF) gives complete control of airflow and doubles as a soft starter to eliminate the need for a motor starter.
  • Control panel is a lockable fused disconnect and is a C/UL/US listed panel, with an on/off, speed dial control. Prewired. Options include a customized HMI interface. Customer supplies building power.
  • Lighting options include C1D1, C1D2, LED lights and troffer lights, depending upon requirements.
  • Fire suppression: Wet or dry is available depending upon requirements. Wet for non-retracting only.

For ISO classifications and other technical information, download our DuroClean fact sheet!


DuroClean™ ISO 14644-1 Classifications

All classifications are in accordance with U.S. Federal Standard 209E and represent concentrations of particles using reference size of 0.5 micron:

Code Compliance Code Description