Oil Mist Collection

Capturing Oil Mist to Improve Health, Safety, and Efficiency

Oil mist particles, bacteria, and spores generated by metal cutting, grinding, and welding can settle on every piece of equipment on the shop floor, endangering machinery and risking slips and falls. And, you don’t need OSHA to remind you of the potential skin irritations, respiratory dangers, and cancer risks associated with a toxic, oil mist cloud.

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Modular Enclosure Systems For Oil Mist Collection

Duroair combines our DuroRoom™ and OMW oil mist collection technologies into one, end-to-end source capture and ambient system.

We can engineer our DuroRoom™ modular enclosure systems in your choice of size, shape, and dimensions to surround your robotics and CNC machinery with an oil mist collection system to cost-effectively isolate, capture, and contain tiny oil mist contaminants.

Duroair’s oil mist collection and clean air solutions provide:

  • Increased productivity by preventing employee skin irritations, respiratory illnesses, and slip-and-fall accidents
  • Enhanced protection for your existing HVAC systems to prevent them from choking on oil mist particles and creating a foul, hazardous environment
  • Improved facility or plant image by eliminating the oil mist “haze” that can be unattractive to potential customers and visitors
  • Reduced man-hours by freeing employees from cleaning the oil and other impurities from machines and other shop floor equipment
  • Long-term ROI by extending the life of the electronics in your metalworking machines
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Technical Specifications

  • Available in four different sizes 800, 2000, 3000, and 6000 CFM
  • Multi-stage wicking filters for trapping and recycling expensive fluids
  • Standard with fluid pump and VFD
  • Equipped to handle high-pressure fluid, as well as oil and mist
  • Self-draining and self-cleaning with no ladders for maintenance
  • Captures smallest particulate down to 0.30 microns
  • Clean air discharged from the top of the collector into facility

Clean Air Code Compliance

Code Compliance Code Description
NIOSH exposure limits of TWA 5 mg/m3 ST 10 mg/m3
OSHA PEL OSHA permissible exposure limits (PEL) of 5 mg/m3 as an 8-hour TWA for mineral oil mists
OSHA PEL of 15 mg/m3 TWA for total particulate
OSHA PEL of 5 mg/m3 TWA for respirable fraction
OSHA 29CFR - 1910.94 ventilation
OHSA O.Reg 851-63 ignition or explosive
OHSA O.Reg 851-65 dust – ignition or explosive
Electrical CSA Certified
NESHAP National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants
UL U.S. and Canada
ISO Cleanroom compliant up to Class 1000/ISO6 (ISO class clean room typically measures micron sizes 5.0µ, 0.5µ and 0.3µ)

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Duroair Products

The purchase of our Duroair system has allowed us to bring the coatings process in-house without permanently giving up our shop floor space. As a result, we have increased our customer responsiveness, as well as reduced our operating cost while providing a safe environment for our employees.

Pete M.
Manufacturing Manager, AZZ Inc.