Non-Destructive Testing

Non-Destructive MPI and UV Testing Made Simple

Detecting metal surface flaws is no easy task, especially when you’re using magnetic particle inspections (MPIs), ultraviolet light (UV), or liquid penetrant testing to locate potentially dangerous particles not visible to the human eye. These precise, non-destructive testing procedures require a modular clean room: space that is large enough to work around hard-to-maneuver workpieces, yet is completely enclosed and light controlled.

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UV-Protected Modular Clean Room For Non-Destructive Testing

Duroair can combine DuroRoom™ with our DuroCap™, DuroDust™, and DuroClean™ engineered exhaust systems, if required, into one cost-effective, UV-protected enclosure for easy-access, non-destructive testing.

We engineer portable, retractable enclosures and dark rooms that can be custom tailored for indoor use with your required structural materials, fabric types, and UV protection specifications. Available with climate-controlled filtration, Duroair enclosures can bring your non-destructive testing in-house for significant cost savings and quality control.

Duroair’s non-destructive testing enclosures provide:

  • Retractable portability to work with your facility’s layout
  • Precise temperature control capability with climate-controlled air filtration per your testing specifications, if required
  • More efficient MPI and UV testing with retractable 360 degree workpiece delivery access to each work area
  • Ideal environment for even the most stringent lighting requirements
  • Easy access for overhead crane loading and unloading or other material handling
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Technical Specifications

  • Retractable to 20% of the full size when not in use
  • Reinforced, 16 mil Black Opaque PVC shell (fire retardant and UV-protected)
  • Anti-fluorescent under black lighting
  • Code-compliant, galvanized welded steel frame
  • Heat-welded vinyl joints
  • Rear wall custom-fitted to filtration system of choice
  • Wide variety of door configurations are available: barn door, bi-fold barn door, strip curtain, solid curtain, and mesh curtainwall
  • Custom CFM capabilities directly related to the size of each enclosure, if required

Clean Air Code Compliance

Code Compliance Code Description
ANSI Z9.7 per the requirements of NFPA33 Chapter 7.5.2.
NFPA 701 fabric flame resistance
OSHA 29CFR – 1910.94 ventilation
OHSA O.Reg 851-63 ignition or explosive
OHSA O.Reg 851-65 dust – ignition or explosive
NESHAP National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants
UL U.S. and Canada
ISO Cleanroom compliant up to Class 1000/ISO6 (ISO class clean room typically measures micron sizes 5.0µ, 0.5µ and 0.3µ)

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Duroair Products

The purchase of our Duroair system has allowed us to bring the coatings process in-house without permanently giving up our shop floor space. As a result, we have increased our customer responsiveness, as well as reduced our operating cost while providing a safe environment for our employees.

Pete M.
Manufacturing Manager, AZZ Inc.