• Q: What is the difference between DuroPure™ and DuroCap™?

    Duroair’s patented DuroPure™ filtration technology is the market leader in indoor air filtration. DuroPure's™ six-stage filtration completely recycles air without the need to exhaust contaminants to the outside.

    Duroair’s patented DuroCap™ system is a vented solution. The DuroCap™ two-stage filtration captures 99.4% of particulates and exhausts contaminated air to the outside in an environmentally compliant manner.

    Visit the DuroPure™ and DuroCap™ pages to learn more, or contact us today to discuss how Duroair’s market-leading solutions can resolve your unique challenges.

  • Q: Once ordered, is my business responsible for assembling Duroair systems?

    Duroair’s exhaust systems are delivered to your site fully assembled and the retractable enclosures (depending upon size) are usually assembled over the course of several days. Duroair offers several installation packages depending upon each customer’s requirements.

    If you have additional questions about implementing Duroair’s air filtration systems in your manufacturing environment, contact us today to get the technical support you need.

  • Q: Are Duroair systems compliant with environmental and safety requirements?

    Duroair solutions are fully compliant with the standards of the following regulatory bodies: United States Environmental Protection Agency, Underwriters Laboratories, Occupational Safety & Health Administration, and National Fire Protection Association. Third-party testing results have concluded DuroPure™ non-vented systems substantially exceeds all standards for employee health and safety. Visit our Safety Compliance section to learn more.

    Duroair is committed to working with your local jurisdiction to ensure safety, environmental and all required standards are effectively met. Contact us today to learn more.

  • Q: Security is the number one priority for my organization. Can Duroair’s air filtration solutions safeguard classified work?

    Duroair’s patent pending, non-vented air recycling filtration solutions enable a discreet way of working by way of eliminating the need for large outside vents, helping protect the security of sensitive projects and research. In addition, our retractable enclosure can be installed in as little as three hours, minimizing the downtime of your secured location.

    Visit the Defense page or contact us today for details.

  • Q: Are there any benefits to using Duroair Technologies for paint and coating applications?

    Duroair’s patented Taper Draft Airflow Technology creates an air envelope impervious to contamination from dusty or dirty floors. This airflow creates a clean chamber around the workpiece that aids in drying times for water-based paints and coatings without the use of additional quick-dry agents. Taper Draft will also optimize the control of overspray.

    Click here to learn more about Duroair’s patented airflow technology, or contact us today to speak to a sales consultant about how Taper Draft Airflow Technology can enhance your coating process.

  • Q: My organization’s lean production system works on large parts and uses overhead cranes. Are Duroair’s solutions suitable for us given these factors?

    Duroair’s solutions are well-suited to applications within the metal fabrication industry, as enclosures and CFM capabilities are completely customizable and tailored to your unique needs regardless of project size, and do not impede the use of overhead cranes.

    Learn more about the role Duroair’s systems within the manufacturing industry by clicking here or contact us today to speak to a sales consultant about the unique air filtration challenges of a lean production system.