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Metal Fabrication

Fabrication Industry - Images of Metal Pipes

Metal Fabrication Clean Rooms

Duroair Technologies creates modular metal fabrication clean room solutions that significantly boost efficiency and save costs during the coating, painting, grinding, and sanding processes.

By combining our flexible non-vented air filtration systems and our innovative retractable enclosures, metal fabricators can create flexible clean room environments that don’t disrupt existing facility planning, support flex-lean manufacturing techniques, and won’t incur additional construction costs or ongoing air make-up expenses.

Use our metal fabrication clean room solutions to:

  • Bring clean air environments to large workpieces, rather than the other way around
  • Gain full use of overhead cranes for loading and unloading large workpieces to and from contained workspaces
  • Comply with industry environmental standards

Metal Fabrication Applications

  • Clean rooms
  • Paint and coatings
  • Sanding and grinding
  • Metal fabrication facilities
    • that require enclosures scalable to the size of large workpieces
    • where enclosure applications run in low volumes
    • that require full use of overhead crane for loading and unloading workpieces from enclosure
  • R&D facilities that use metal fabrication for use in prototyping and validation processes

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Applicable Solutions

The world’s first modular indoor air filtration system that completely recycles air without the need to exhaust contaminants to the outside environment.

A fully modular indoor air quality solution that uses patented two-stage, tapered airflow technology to filter 99.4% of all airborne contaminants.

A customizable, retractable enclosure system, capable of retracting to 20% of its extended length, combine with DuroPure™or DuroCap™.

Case Large PipesCase Study

A manufacturer of aluminum bus systems for high voltage power transmission based in the U.S. could not meet increased demand for its products due to long lead times and inadequate capacity availability from the outsourced paint and coatings function.

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