Clean Rooms

Modular Clean Room Design For Manufacturing Flexibility

Ensuring quality control while balancing long-term construction with short-term cutting, welding, or surface prep and spraying tasks is an ongoing logistical challenge. Navigating these cellular workflows is critical for aerospace OEMs, ship and boat manufacturers, and for operations conducting prototyping and R&D.

How do you cost-effectively isolate manufacturing processes to keep damaging elements out and clean air around each workpiece?

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Bring Compliant Clean Air to On-Demand Work Spaces

Duroair’s retractable clean rooms create clean air environments wherever they are needed. We combine our DuroRoom™ retractable enclosure with our DuroClean™ engineered exhaust system into one flexible, cost-effective solution for portable clean rooms and isolation rooms.

Duroair modular clean rooms can be placed anywhere in a manufacturing facility without having to install supplementary ductwork — or pay for ongoing air make-up costs. Our portable, retractable enclosures with non-vented air filtration can be engineered for large or small self-contained work environments, wherever and whenever needed.

Whether isolating a manufacturing process from the larger work environment (negative pressure) or protecting a process from contamination (positive pressure), our DuroRoom™ and engineered filtration systems help guarantee worker safety from toxic dust and fumes, while reducing operating expenses and increasing productivity.

Benefits of Duroair’s custom portable clean room design includes:

  • Increased workflow efficiency for stop-and-start R&D processes
  • Reduced material handling by not having to transport large workpieces to a dedicated clean air space
  • Eliminated need for expensive equipment and installation for air make-up
  • Laminar or turbulent airflow as required
  • Unsurpassed control of isolated work environments, including pressure (positive or negative), humidity, and temperature air flow patterns, and harmful dust particulates and gaseous contaminants
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Technical Specifications

  • Protection to ISO level 6
  • HEPA filtration 99.97% capture rate
  • Filtration capable of capturing hexavalent chromium superior to NESHAP 319
  • Positive or negative pressure as required
  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Air quality monitor and magnehelic gauge to indicate when filters require changing
  • NFPA 33 compliant motor and electrical systems work outside of the air stream
  • Air filtration ranging from 800 CFM to 80,000 CFM

Clean Air Code Compliance

Code Compliance Code Description
NFPA 33 spray application
ANSI Z9.7 per the requirements of NFPA33 Chapter 7.5.2.
NFPA 17 dry chemical extinguishing systems
NFPA 18 spray application operations in membrane enclosures for fire suppression
NFPA 701 fabric flame resistance
OSHA silica standard for general industry
OSHA 29CFR – 1910.107 spray finishing
OSHA 29CFR – 1910.94 ventilation
OHSA O.Reg 851-63 ignition or explosive
OHSA O.Reg 851-65 dust – ignition or explosive
OHSA O.Reg 213.5.12 fire code – spray operation
OSHA 29CFR – 1910.107 spray finishing using flammable and combustible material
EPA 40CFR – Part 63.11173 spray finishing requirements (Electrical CSA Certified)
NESHAP National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants
UL (U.S. and Canada)
ISO Cleanroom compliant up to Class 1000/ISO6 (ISO class clean room typically measures micron sizes 5.0µ, 0.5µ and 0.3µ)

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Duroair Products

The purchase of our Duroair system has allowed us to bring the coatings process in-house without permanently giving up our shop floor space. As a result, we have increased our customer responsiveness, as well as reduced our operating cost while providing a safe environment for our employees.

Pete M.
Manufacturing Manager, AZZ Inc.