21 Ways A Retractable Clean Air Enclosure Solves Problems

21 Ways A Retractable Clean Air Enclosure Solves Problems

The most obvious benefits of any industrial clean air solution begin with health and compliance. The health of your workers is paramount, whether you are protecting them from hexavalent chromium, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and isocyanates that come with industrial painting and coating or you are removing dust and weld smoke. Likewise, compliance cannot be an afterthought or about keeping environmental regulators off your back.

Clean air is a must-have. But it does not have to be a major obstacle in an industrial facility, whether an operation involves giant workpieces like jet engines and turbines or the tiniest avionics circuitry that requires an ISO clean room. The reality is retractable industrial clean air systems can also be good for your bottom line, solving numerous issues and alleviating common manufacturing pain points.

Duroair engineers flexible, end-to-end clean air solutions that meet Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) compliance, safeguard employees, and maximize productivity.

The ability to bring clean air to large workpieces and cellular manufacturing cells has become a competitive advantage. Customers have demonstrated in many ways how the flexibility of these portable paint booths and clean rooms can solve a wide variety of challenges and issues.

Retractable Clean Air Enclosures Can Solve Problems Big and Small

  1. COMMISSIONING TIME: You are growing and need an immediate solution to shorten lead times as a result of a painting crisis. Modular clean air rooms can also be quickly installed, in a matter of days or even hours compared to the weeks or months it takes to install and commission a permanent room.
  1. INTERMITTENT NEED: You don’t need a solution full time. An enclosure can retract when not in use and be stored at a fraction of its working space.
  1. LEAD TIMES: Growth often hampers lead times. A collapsible paint booth can quickly and easily help expand operations to accommodate a new contract, improve workflows and reduce material handling.
  1. NON-COMPLIANT SPACE: Duroair has undergone intensive third-party testing to verify that its solutions meet or exceed the most stringent OSHA, EPA and NESHAP industrial air quality standards. You can bring new technology to an old shop space.
  1. COST OF A CLEAN ROOM: The Duroair ISO clean rooms are compliant and cost far less from a capital investment than a permanent room.
  1. TEMPORARY NEED: You are growing and will be moving into a larger space in the next 18 to 24 months but need relief before then. Duroair will work with you to customize a solution that provides value for current and future needs.
  1. OPERATING COSTS: The unvented solutions eliminate the need for air makeup and help keep energy costs down. They also reduce material handling.
  1. ACCOMMODATING A CRANE: No more shutting down adjacent operations in order to move and then paint or coat giant turbines and jet engines. The Duroair solutions can accommodate gantry cranes and other overhead cranes.
  1. INDOOR WELD SMOKE: An enclosure not only contains any smoke from welding, it also contains dangerous particulates. It eliminates visibility issues and the need for employees outside the welding area to wear PPE.
  1. EPA LIMITS: Your facility is at its EPA limits for exhaust stacks but you need to expand your cleanroom operations. Duroair has unvented solutions that do not require costly new exhaust stacks.
  1. OUTSOURCING: Military bases have used the retractable solutions to insource corrosion prevention work. When that work is completed, the enclosure is retracted and so that other maintenance and repairs can be done.
  1. MULTIPLE LOCATIONS: Those military bases also have used one enclosure for operations at several locations on the same base. The enclosures are easy to put up and take down and can be transported.
  1. BACKLOGS AND LOGJAMS: A multi-chamber enclosure allows up to three separate operations to be done side-by-side at the same time. Each chamber could also be used for the same function. It’s maximum flexibility, which reduces logjams and backlogs.
  1. DOWNTIME: Moving even small workpieces to specialty areas for a specific task slows work in progress. The retractable solutions help optimize cellular manufacturing operations and reduce downtime.
  1. TRANSPORT COSTS: By bringing clean air to large workpieces, you eliminate the need to move the workpiece for painting or coating. One global energy company was shutting down seven other operations on the floor every time it moved a 30-foot wide electric turbine.
  1. SPACE CONSTRAINTS: The enclosures can be designed to fit your space needs and ensure you allocate floor space as efficiently as possible.
  1. ARC FLASHES: An enclosure will shield workers outside a welding area from arc flashes that can damage eye corneas or ignite potentially flammable welding dust.
  1. WORKFLOW: An enclosure often allows a manufacturer to continue adjacent operations. No more shutting down essential operations to move a workpiece or ensure your employees are not exposed to nearby air hazards from prep work, painting and coating.
  1. VERSATILITY: Transition from prep work to paint and coating by changing a single filter to meet the different compliance requirements for each task. The multistage filtration system puts less expensive filters in front of the specialty filter to extend the life of the more expensive filter.
  1. PROTOTYPING: The retractable enclosures often meet the diverse needs of R&D, allowing prototype work to be done in one compact place as opposed to having to do that work off site or having to build a larger permanent workspace.
  1. AMBIENT DUST: Dust settling on floors and products presents long-term risks to employees and equipment. The DuroTower solution is one of four industrial dust collection systems and does not require an enclosure. It is 10 times more effective than overhead air cleaners. It also floods the surrounding space with clean air.

Flexible, Retractable, Compliant Solutions That Move With Your Workflow

One of our clean air experts can show you how we can create an industrial air filtration solution to meet your budget, comply with EPA and OSHA requirements, and work with your floor plan and space limitations to:

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Find agile ways to safeguard critical tasks
  • Reduce downtime
  • Safeguard products without impacting productivity
  • Ensure employee safety
  • Meet all compliance requirements

Contact our industrial clean air experts today for a free consultation.

Learn How Duroair Designs Flexible Solutions That Move with Your Workflow
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