Could Your Industry Benefit From An ISO Cleanroom?

Could Your Industry Benefit From An ISO Cleanroom?

Not all types of manufacturing are the same. Some products, by nature of usage and/or other regulations, require a higher level of protection during the production process. Producers of medical devices and pharmaceuticals, as well as food products, might be industries that come to mind with greater stakes should contamination occur. However, industries such as aerospace/aviation, alternative energy, and lean manufacturing can also benefit from an investment in an ISO-certified cleanroom. Check out the examples below to learn about new ways that a cleanroom could benefit you.

Aerospace & Aviation

In the aerospace and aviation industries, it is critical that everything runs smoothly. The integrity of each piece of equipment is paramount for everyone involved. Whether flying at an altitude of 36,000 feet or hovering outside the earth’s atmosphere, having any issue or malfunction can quickly become a matter of life and death.

Duroair can provide cleanrooms for mechanical assembly of critical components during any phase of manufacture. Cleanrooms can isolate a manufacturing process from the larger work environment (negative pressure) or protect a process from contamination (positive pressure). Duroair’s custom cleanroom design provide increased workflow efficiency for stop-and-start R&D processes and can reduce material handling by not having to transport large workpieces to a dedicated clean air space. Our cleanrooms can also ensure control over humidity and temperature requirements and air flow patterns, so harmful dust particulates and gaseous contaminants don’t enter the workflow.

Alternative Energy

What an ISO cleanroom can provide for alternative energy manufacturers is as unique and varied as the industry itself. Most alternative energy is sourced in areas where environmental factors play a huge role in the development of energy sources, such as windmill farms, oceans, or outdoors through solar panels. Factors such as temperature, weather, and other outdoor elements can cause corrosion or damage to this equipment. Preparing large equipment like solar panels or batteries to withstand unpredictable conditions through sanding, painting and/or repairing can be difficult. In this case portable ISO cleanrooms can offer protection as well as customized designs to keep this important and innovative technology under wraps.

Military & Defense

Similar to the aerospace and aviation industry, manufacturing for the military is another area where cleanroom technology is paramount. Whether engineering jet, submarine, or MRAP components, a cleanroom is key to maintain the integrity of the final product that will be used in high-risk situations. Not only this, but it also offers protection for those who are working around the toxic dust often generated while working on MRAPs. A cleanroom that meets the highest ISO standards is a governmental standard for their equipment.

Retractable Cleanrooms Support, Enable Lean Manufacturing

If you don’t see an industry that represents your facility on this list, consider the potential benefits for any industry incorporating lean manufacturing. With the goal being efficiency through waste reduction, keeping things running smoothly is a way to maximize productivity, as well as your bottom line. Because of the broad applications possible, industries applying these principles may not all find the need for a fully dedicated space for a cleanroom. In this case, a portable cleanroom helps to meet lean manufacturing goals by taking up less room. By providing a flexible option to control air contaminants while saving floor space and reducing bottlenecks in the facility’s processes, an ISO portable cleanroom is lean manufacturing at its finest.

These are just a few ways manufacturers are making the most of ISO cleanrooms. If you’ve never considered how an ISO cleanroom could have a positive impact at your facility, we would love to show you. Contact our industrial clean air experts today for a free consultation.

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