Need a Portable Paint Booth? 5 Benefits

5 Reasons Why A Portable Paint Booth Makes Sense

Whether you use a paint booth regularly or just on occasion, there are many benefits to investing in a portable paint booth for your facility. From cost effectiveness to increased flexibility, the options that booth portability provides can expand your ability to operate in ways you may not have considered. Below are five reasons why a portable paint booth investment makes sense.

1. Portable Paint Booths Provide Facility Flexibility

Portable, retractable paint booths can maximize valuable floor space and increase workflow flexibility.

Maybe painting and coating are only part of the services that your organization offers, so installing a standard paint booth might take up facility space needed for other equipment. If the physical footprint of a paint booth is a concern for you, a portable paint booth can remove this issue. When not in use, a portable paint booth from Duroair can retract to 20% of its full size, keeping you from committing to what might be wasted floor space when the room is not needed.

2. Portable Paint Booths Are Faster to Install

Faster installation is a given with portable paint booths, especially when you compare them to permanent clean room installations.

Downtime is never a good thing in manufacturing. Therefore, having equipment operational and on hand is usually time and cost efficient, as long as the amount of usage results in a positive ROI. When this is not the case, often outsourcing is the next best thing. However, portable paint booths can be up and running quickly, leading to reduced downtime during, and after, installation. Depending upon the size, most of Duroair’s portable paint booths are able to be constructed within several days to a week. This makes using them on an as-needed basis easier to navigate for smaller facilities or jobs.

3. Outsourcing Costs Are Reduced

Portable paint booths make financial sense because they remove the reliance on outsourcing for finishing operations, such as coating and painting.

As mentioned above, outsourcing is often a stop gap for facilities where an investment in a permanent paint booth is cost prohibitive. However, outsourcing takes away some quality control, as well as overall profit. If you have specific painting and coating tasks that you often outsource to vendors, a portable paint booth can reduce or eliminate the need to spend extra funds on a job that you could easily do in-house.

By reducing your outsourcing needs, you are able to manage everything from timelines, to quality control — all of which benefit your customer satisfaction and bottomline. By insourcing your surface prep and spray operations with a portable paint booth, you can more easily manage everything from timelines to quality control — all of which benefit your customer satisfaction and bottomline.

4. Portable Paint Booths Increase Growth Potential

Another benefit to portable, retractable paint booths is that they provide the ability to take on more work projects at a single facility.

Growing pains are a part of most successful businesses at one point or another. Finding the balance between investing in permanent equipment too quickly yet still being able to increase your output to match or increase demand can be difficult. Instead of cutting into your profit potential through outsourcing or turning down business, an investment in a less permanent solution could be the answer. One investment possibility is a portable, collapsible paint booth. The ability to size up or down to take on more projects without committing to a stationery paint booth gives you time to grow with less up-front risk.

5. Finishing Flexibility Helps Avoid Bottlenecks

When paint booths are portable and retractable, they can be stored until needed, for significantly more efficient workflows.

During busy seasons, an influx of work can tax even the most well-oiled facility machine. When this happens, it can be frustrating both for the personnel trying to execute high levels of production, as well as financially if jobs must be turned away or if important deadlines are missed. The flexibility to adjust your equipment to meet current demand is key in these situations. Having the ability to create greater capacity at a moment's notice can help to avoid both. A portable paint booth can be stored until needed for times like this, helping to avoid bottlenecks in your production process.

If a Duroair portable paint booth seems like it could be a good fit for your facility, contact our industrial clean air experts today for a free consultation.

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