Custom Hard-Wall Clean Room Solutions

Duroair Launches a New Generation of Hard-Wall Clean Rooms for Manufacturing & Assembly

A leading manufacturer had a clean room conundrum: They needed a hard-wall clean room to accommodate all their mechanical assembly processes in an unimproved warehouse space.

Duroair was selected for the project because they were the only vendor able to accommodate all the manufacturer’s functional requirements and space constraints, including:

  • Self-supporting: The clean room needed to fit in a corner in an empty facility that had no existing infrastructure. They did not want the room to tie to their existing HVAC/conditioning system.
  • Multiple clean rooms in one structure: Rocket fairings assembly, engine valve assembly, and other processes — they needed multiple rooms where these processes could take place at the same time in a controlled environment.
  • ISO classification: Lighting conditions, filtration targets, and airflow all contribute to meeting ISO clean room classifications and cleanliness standards. Duroair engineered a custom solution to meet all of these unique requirements.
  • Modular: Unlike permanent hard-wall clean rooms, the custom Duroair solution can be modified at any time, using all the existing clean room materials onsite, to accommodate changing workflows.

The result? Duroair completed the entire project from start to finish, in just 10 weeks — less than half the time other vendors require for more traditional hard-wall clean rooms!

How Duroair Customizes Hard-Wall Clean Rooms to Support Manufacturing and Mechanical Assembly

Clean rooms are critical spaces for manufacturing and mechanical assembly. Duroair can custom-engineer any hard-wall clean room with a wide range of features and benefits to create a controlled environment, even if the facility has no current infrastructure.

  • Extra large capacity: Duroair designs self-supporting hard-wall clean rooms to accommodate large workpieces and multiple manufacturing/assembly cells. Rooms can be assembled up to 50 feet high with unlimited width and length. Duroair’s modular system can be reconfigured or moved if required.

    • Essentially, Duroair can take an empty, unimproved warehouse and transform it into a self-supporting clean room ready for mechanical assembly, 3D printing, electrical winding, or aerospace assembly and layup.
  • Multiple windows, pass-throughs, and doors: Duroair can accommodate multiple hard-wall pass-throughs and roll-up doors with easy-to-clean fabric for access ports.

  • Temperature and humidity controlled environments: Systems can be designed to meet temperature and humidity requirements and integrated with a DuroClean™ exhaust equipment, if required.

  • Customized lighting: One key benefit of hard-wall clean rooms is they can be designed for any type of recessed lighting and brightness requirements, such as for 100-foot candles.

  • Brightness: In the above example, Duroair used a “bright white” color for 87% reflectivity on the walls, per the unique solution’s specification requirements.

Duroair Can Customize any Hard-Wall Clean Rooms for Aerospace Manufacturing and Other Industries

In addition to the benefits and features noted above, all Duroair hard-wall clean rooms can be custom-designed with industry-specific safety requirements, from water-based or chemical-based fire suppression to emergency lighting in the event of a power outage. No matter your lighting, air flow, cleanliness, or brightness standards, Duroair can meet your requirements, even for industries with challenging ISO and cleanliness standards, such as aerospace manufacturing and assembly.

Do you have space constraints or do you require a self-supporting clean room? Duroair can customize a responsive design, unlike other more traditional permanent clean rooms that only come in standard sizes for specific floor plans.

To learn how Duroair can customize a responsive clean room design to meet your facility specifications and work with your space constraints, contact our industrial clean air experts today.

Learn How Duroair Designs Flexible Solutions That Move with Your Workflow
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