Air Filtration Installation - Part I

Installation Instructions: Duroair Technologies Air Filtration - Part I

Duroair offers its customers a unique and patented portable indoor air filtration system that is breaking new ground in clean air technology. The air filtration unit is capable of cleaning contaminated indoor air and returning it into the same indoor environment in a clean and healthy manner. It is beneficial for businesses and organizations from a variety of industries because it is both cost-efficient and time saving. Duroair’s vented and non-vented air filtration, retractable enclosure systems and climate control cleanrooms use truly innovative technology and design.

Here are easy set up instructions for one of the filtration systems once it arrives at your location.

The system arrives in two pieces. The first piece is on a metal rack, which is your enclosure. The second piece is your air filtration system. The first step in the assembly is going to be working on your enclosure. Take all of the metal pieces off the rack and lay them out onto the floor. You’ve unloaded the rack and put all of the pieces out onto the ground. The two pieces left of the rack are the two filter doors which you will install at the end of the assembly process. Each piece is now described and has been explained what it will be used for.

Enclosure Parts

Start by looking at the back wall and the four pieces that go into the back wall. First is the rear man door. Second is the C channel, a top rail and a bottom rail. There are some tricks to differentiate between your front wall and back wall in terms of the top rail and bottom rail. The bottom rail is going to have ratchet straps on it and the top rail has two poly lock channels. Make sure your channels are oriented with the two side pieces.

The next piece to look at is the front wall. The front wall consists of three pieces, two side wall pieces in the shape of a C channel and one top cross piece. The front wall top rail and back wall top rail are very similar. On the front wall there is only one poly lock channel versus the back wall where there are two. When you’re installing the front wall it’s very important that it is done similar to the back wall, you orient the poly channels with the poly lock channels on the side piece. You can tell which is the front wall piece for a couple of different reasons. It has the hinges that are going to be used to install the door. Second, the front piece has a protective casing, covering the wheels. When you have the piece down on the ground, you want to make sure that you have the wheels facing down.

Roof Supports & Side Wall Supports

There are four roof supports that are comprised of two sections each. These two pieces slide together and bolted together for stability. The next piece is the side wall support and there are four of these on each side. There is no difference between the left side or the right side of the enclosure. These sections are all held together by the five hinge brackets. There are five of these on each side.

Enclosure Assembly

For complete structure assembly the only tools required are a 9/16th wrench, a 9/16th socket or a nut driver.

Back Walls & Side Walls

Assemble the back walls and side walls, then stand it up. The next piece to put in would be a hinge assembly on each back wall ensuring the hinge faces the exterior of the booth. It is simply done by sliding the assembly up and dropping into the bottom channel. Leave the assembly folded at this time. The next part is to assemble one side wall support. Keep the wheel in the upright direction and sliding your top rail assembly into it. Again slide your post up and drop your bottom rail. This solidifies your back wall. Repeat this step for the next three wall assemblies.

Front Wall

Now that all of your side wall assemblies are in place and your hinge are in place, bolt your front wall together. Just remember to keep your bolt heads on the exterior and your poly lock channel in line. After removing your bushings from your front wall assembly, place one on each hinge assembly. This is to allow your doors to easily wing in and out. All hardware will come packaged individually in one bag; the bolts will be in Ziploc storage bags.

What we are going to do now is assemble the final hardware into the side wall assemblies. This is done with the bolts, again on the exterior. There will be twenty of these placed just above the hinge assembly. Repeat for each and every hinge assembly.

We are now going to do the door assembly. This is done by locating the three hinges on the door and lining up with the three hinges on the front wall. Make sure you orient your door with the handle, and your poly lock strip to the exterior of the booth. Since the galvanized booth leaves a lot of dirt on your hand, clean up before the next assembly, which is the curtain walls. Washing your hands is crucial when it come to installation.

Structural Assembly Recap

The front wall assembly is where we have the filter doors attached to the hinges using the bushings. Also on the front wall we have the protective feet that keep the vinyl away from the wheels when expanding and contracting the enclosure. As you move along, we’ve used a hinge to attach the side wall supports and we’ve bolted these pieces, remembering that the head of the bolt is always on the outside of the enclosure. So here we are looking at the back wall.

Remember that the back wall consists of the rear man door, the bottom rail which has the two ratchet straps and the top rail which has the two poly lock channels. Now as you walk through the system you remember that one of the steps was to attach the two top rails with the side rails bolting them all together. We then use the hinge brackets to attach all the side wall supports together.

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