Duroair Technology: Our Customers

Duroair Technology: Our Customers

At Duroair Technologies, we offer air filtration for indoor spaces using a variety of solutions to create the best cleanroom environments possible in your industrial space. Many of our customers are in the following industries:

Aerospace and Aviation

Uses within the aerospace community include sanding, grinding, coating, painting and aerospace clean rooms. Companies can save time and money when using our customized solutions to enhance working conditions in portable indoor enclosure systems. Because the enclosure is retractable, it provides space saving and can be deployed to different locations when needed. Humidity & climate controlled clean rooms can provide a contained environment that does not interfere with other operations in the work space.

Cleanroom Environments for Defense Industry

Combine Duroair’s non-vented air filtration solution with its retractable enclosures to create a breakthrough alternative to conventional permanent structures for applications where security and indoor air quality is a priority. Fast installation and being able to work in an enclosed room with recycled air provides privacy and security for sensitive materials and technology.

Marine Usage for Air Filtration Technology

Duroair’s modular systems are perfect for marinas, navy yards, marine maintenance, assembly and repair facilities and a wide range of applications. Permanent, indoor structures can be difficult to find when working with marine equipment, making our retractable enclosures a favorable alternative.

Metal Fabrication

Our patented non-vented and patented vented solutions can be integrated into different manufacturing environments when combined with our retractable enclosures, due to their modular design. These solutions also have the added benefit of not impeding the full use of overhead cranes, which is found to be extremely valuable in this industry. By incorporating Duroair’s solutions, you can reduce material handling and travel time and its associated costs. Duroair is a perfect fit for your Lean Manufacturing needs.


Painting is the perfect job in the automotive industry where Duroair’s air filtration technology can set a business apart from their competitors. Duroair’s patented taper-draft technology creates an air envelope ensuring dust and dirt does not come near your work, and provides a quality finishing.

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