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Aerospace Clean Rooms

Duroair’s aerospace clean room solutions are ideal for addressing many of the industry’s manufacturing air quality challenges. Easy to set up and store, Duroair’s retractable clean room is a flexible alternative to permanent clean room installations since it can be inserted into manufacturing processes on an as-needed basis.

Combine Duroair’s non-vented air filtration system with a retractable enclosure built specifically for the size and needs of your products and processes to create an affordable, modular aerospace clean room that reduces costs, increases efficiency, and enhances working conditions.

Use Duroair’s aerospace clean room solutions to:

  • Provide fast drying time and optimize control of overspray
  • Reduce security risks by avoiding building penetrations
  • Gain full use of overhead cranes for loading and unloading to and from your clean room environment

Aerospace Industry Applications

  • Aerospace paint and coatings
  • Aerospace welding stations
  • Climate-controlled aerospace clean rooms
  • Dust rooms
  • Airline maintenance and repair facilities
  • Aerospace manufacturing facilities that require enclosures that are scalable to the size of large work pieces
  • Aerospace manufacturing facilities where enclosure applications run in low volumes
  • Aerospace manufacturing facilities that require the full use of overhead cranes for loading and unloading
  • Aerospace R&D facilities engaged in prototyping and validation

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Applicable Solutions

The market leading indoor air filtration system that completely recycles air without the need to exhaust contaminants to the outside environment.

A fully modular indoor air quality solution that uses patented two-stage, tapered airflow technology to filter 99.4% of all airborne contaminants.

A customizable, retractable enclosure system, capable of retracting to 20% of its extended length, combine with DuroPure™ or DuroCap™.

prep room for aerospace industry

Case Study

A North American research and development facility of a U.S. based world-leading manufacturer of commercialjetliners and defense, space and security systems, fabricates prototypes for the purpose of testing and validation.

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