Clean Air Advantages for Aerospace

The Aerospace Industry has a Keen Interest in Duroair

Duroair products have proved to be an invaluable addition to operations in the aerospace industry, providing a variety of products to help companies establish cleanroom environments and a safe work environment for employees while positively contributing to the bottom line of their business. By offering fully portable indoor air filtration and retractable enclosure systems, common jobs like sanding, grinding, paint and coating applications can all be completed with less mess, time and money under enhanced working conditions for employees.

Duroair systems provide some key advantages in the aerospace industry. Typical aerospace applications include airline maintenance and repair facilities, manufacturing facilities that require enclosures that are scalable to the size of large work pieces, facilities where enclosure applications run in low volumes, and aerospace R&D facilities for use in prototyping and validation processes.

The SMART MANUFACTURING solutions from Duroair include:

DuroPure offers non-vented air filtration and recycling solutions for the aerospace industry. This offers the highest efficiency, flexibility and cost savings to business owners. Built with a six-stage filtration system equipped with high efficiency particulate, carbon and ultraviolet filter technologies, this product can capture 100% of airborne particles and eliminate chemicals and vapours.

DuroCap is a product offering vented air filtration solutions. Its two-stage filtration process allows for the capture of 99.4% of all airborne particles. Fresh breathing air is supplied into the enclosure through inlets dispersed throughout the enclosure.

DuroRoom provides further flexibility with modular, portable and retractable enclosures. These products are fully customizable and engineered in a variety of configurations. The enclosure can retract to a fifth of the original size, allowing for maximum use of building space. This is especially important in the aerospace industry where floor space must be versatile and provide multifunctional areas.

How do these products help?

With the use of Duroair products, aerospace companies can count on improved efficiency and cost savings due to Duroair’s patented taper-draft airflow technology. Also, oversized work pieces commonly found in the industry can be easily accommodated as well, allowing for full use of overhead cranes. Security risks are also reduced by avoiding building penetrations. Ventilation uses include paint and coatings, climate controlled clean rooms and dust rooms. Duroair solutions for the aerospace industry provide invaluable technology and opportunity to help improve the working environment and achieve business objectives.

Check out how Duroair’s retractable industrial cleanroom can positively impact your future operations:

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