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Retractable Enclosure Systems

Retractable Enclosure Systems

Retractable Spray Booth with Dust Collector

Industrial Spray Booths

DuroRoom™ is a cost-effective and environmentally-sound modular enclosure system that can be used as a spray booth or customized for a wide range of dimensions and applications where clean air and employee health are critical.

Use DuroRoom™ retractable enclosures to:

  • create enclosed work stations within your facility without incurring extensive new construction costs
  • maximize floor space
  • avoid interference with essential material handling equipment

Retractable Modular Enclosure Systems

Once installed, DuroRoom™ retractable paint spray booths, prep stations, and clean rooms can be deployed where and when needed, limiting any downtime due to setup and improving productivity. Retracting to 20% of its extended length, a DuroRoom™  modular enclosure system can be stored efficiently when not in use, allowing you to maximize your existing floor space.

Customizable for Many Industrial Applications

Build on the DuroRoom™ modular enclosure system to suit various industrial applications by customizing it with:

  • Fixed soft wall enclosures
  • Metal enclosures
  • Vinyl (e.g., for weld curtains)

Or, turn your DuroRoom™ into a retractable fume extractor by integrating it with a DuroPure™ industrial air filtration system.

To find the DuroRoom™ modular enclosure system that meets your needs and your budget, contact Duroair today.

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DuroRoom™ enclosure systems range in a variety of dimensions and can be custom-designed to meet the challenge of your project. The CFM capabilities are directly related to the size the enclosure.

  • Engineered to accommodate any size of the workpieces
  • Fabricated from your choice of fire-resistant clear vinyl or metal
  • Code compliant galvanized welded steel frame
  • All vinyl joints are heat welded
  • Allows for full use of overhead crane for loading and unloading

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Recent Project

Modular Enclosure System Set Up with Carbon Air Filtration System

A manufacturer of aluminum bus systems for high voltage power transmission based in the U.S. could not meet increased demand for its products due to long lead times and…

  • Fully portable DuroRoom™ with the non-vented DuroPure™ system
  • Dramatically reduced lead times
  • Increased capacity to meet product demand
  • Superior finishing quality
  • Lowered costs and shortened production cycles

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