Duroair to Showcase Its Breakthrough Multi-Chamber Industrial Air Filtration Enclosure at AeroDef 2021

Duroair to Showcase Its Breakthrough Multi-Chamber Industrial Air Filtration Enclosure at AeroDef 2021

Duroair is excited to be displaying its breakthrough multi-chamber industrial clean air enclosure to Aerospace and Defense manufacturing innovators at AeroDef 2021.

The event attracts Aerospace and Defense industry OEMs, top government influencers, and service providers, where they share technologies and solutions that empower manufacturing competitiveness in the global economy.

Duroair will be at booth #735.

Taking Engineering Ingenuity to a New Level

For Aerospace and Defense contractors, it can be difficult to balance the movements of work pieces, with so many different functions to perform, without creating backlogs somewhere in the process. They need flexibility to do surface prep, sand, paint and coat in the same space, ideally at the same time.

So Duroair designed a solution with up to three chambers, each with its patented six-stage DuroPureTM air filtration system. The three chambers can be used independently, or one or both of the interior walls can be removed so that one or two functions can be performed. The enclosure can be accessed from the front or side. While the example shown above is fixed, the entire unit can be retractable on wheels.

This is similar to how a meeting space at a hotel or convention center can be divided by partitions into a number of configurations of smaller rooms, except that the Duroair solution is portable and compliant to OSHA, EPA and NESHAP industrial air quality standards.

How the Multi-Chamber Enclosure Provides Maximum Flexibility

Let’s say an aerospace contractor is manufacturing or maintaining multiple airplane engines that need surface prep, sanding and painting. Each engine would be placed into a chamber, and it could be prepped, sanded and painted in the same space, even if the adjacent chambers are being used for a different function at the same time. The manufacturer has the potential to triple their productivity while reducing material handling.

If the manufacturer wants to dedicate each chamber to a specific function, the workpiece is moved the shortest possible distance for the next function. The enclosure can easily be adjusted to be used for a single function on a larger workpiece, such as a wing, or split into two work areas.

The retractable multi-chamber enclosure allows other workflows to continue while sanding and painting tasks are completed. The flexible solutions work with and not against the on-demand nature of the facility to maximize space utilization and drastically reduce or eliminate the “waiting” and “transporting” that are often associated with sanding or painting large industrial workpieces. This reduces or eliminates the bottlenecking of production timelines.

How the 6-stage air filtration system works

The first three stages of the patented six-stage DuroPure™ system capture particulates, including hexavalent chromium and particulate isocyanates. The multi-layer filtration places less expensive filters in front of more expensive, technically-advanced filters to protect them and extend filter life.

The third stage filter can be changed to accommodate Merv15, HEPA, NESHAP 319 standards, depending upon needs. This provides the manufacturer with the flexibility to do different operations in the enclosure.

The next three stages include photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) and UV light to separate and destroy VOCs. The remaining clean air is recirculated back into the shop space.

The unvented recirculating solution does not require ducting or make-up air, which means:

  • Smaller capital investment, faster commission
  • More efficient to operate

Duroair also has 2-, 3- and 4-stage industrial air filtration systems and clean rooms for different needs.

Meet Duroair at Booth #735

AeroDef 2021 is an opportunity to learn how modular air filtration offers a flexible alternative to permanent clean room installations and enclosures, and can be inserted into aerospace and defense manufacturing processes on an as-needed basis.

Duroair’s retractable clean rooms and enclosures can be deployed when and where needed, limiting downtime and improving productivity on the facility floor. Retracting to 20 percent of its extended length, the modular enclosure system can be stored efficiently when not in use to maximize existing floor space.

Built specifically for the size and needs of aerospace and defense OEM processes, these modular clean air solutions are ideal for:

● Climate-controlled clean rooms and welding stations

● Facilities that require the full use of overhead cranes for loading and unloading

● R&D facilities engaged in prototyping and validation

● Airline maintenance and repair facilities

● Enclosure applications that run in low volumes

To learn how a customized, Duroair clean air solution can help you reduce your operational costs and increase efficiency, schedule a free consultation with one of our clean air experts at AeroDef 2021.

Learn How Duroair Designs Flexible Solutions That Move with Your Workflow
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