Increased Revenue with Clean Air

World leader in the key technology areas of heat transfer, separation, and fluid handling


A world leader in the key technology areas of heat transfer, separation, and fluid handling had set a goal to increase revenue by 40% in an overseas manufacturing plant. In order to achieve this business objective, it was critical to increase the coating capacity in the manufacturing process.

Due to limited available floor space and the need to optimize material flow, adding capacity to the existing conventional fixed spray booth was not an option. As production ramped up to accommodate the increased business volume, additional coating capacity was created on an interim basis on the open shop floor. Due to health and safety issues and quality concerns, this solution proved not to be viable in the long term. The challenges faced in developing a permanent alternative also presented a unique opportunity to successfully address the product coating points of waste and fully optimize the flow of products throughout the manufacturing process.


Duroair presented its modular designed retractable DuroRoom™ enclosure in combination with the fully mobile, outside-vented DuroCap™ indoor air purification system. This Duroair solution-based approach is uniquely designed to cost-effectively maximize product flow in the coatings operation and offers a long-term alternative to conventional equipment. The custom-size DuroRoom™ enclosure retracts to 20% of the extended length when not in use, optimizing the use of valuable floor space while improving product flow. DuroCap’s™ patented Taper Draft Airflow Technology improves drying times and optimizes overspray control. The Duroair solution provides point-of-use coating capabilities and is a critical component in waste reduction and minimizing work in process.


The quick installation of the Duroair system avoided any significant downtime in production. Material handling is no longer impeded while the use of existing floor space is maximized. Efficient material flow is achieved by maneuvering components to the retracted enclosure after which the enclosure is extended around the component prior to the coating process.

The quick deployment and improved drying times delivered by the Duroair solution resulted in shortened production times while providing a safe environment for employees. This system has been so successful that the manufacturer has now installed two additional Duroair systems in their facility. After the positive experience with Duroair in an offshore setting, the company has plans to implement this solution in many of its manufacturing plants in North America.

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