Maximized Material Flow

North American Aerospace Prototype Testing and Validation


The North American R&D facility of a U.S.-based leading global security company builds prototypes of unmanned airborne systems for the purpose of testing and validation. Parts are produced in limited numbers throughout the fabricating shop. Component building process involves the use of adhesives that will only successfully bond within very specific temperature and humidity ranges that require climate control. In addition, the bonding process requires a clean room environment and has to be applied "in-place" at those shop locations where various components were being built. Conventional air make-up requirements don't allow for such a cellular fabricating model, while variable climate control in a fabricating environment is a delicate issue. Due to the intermittent need for the adhesive application function, a conventional clean room would reduce the usable existing floor space of the production facility.


Duroair suggested the use of a unique, climate-controlled clean room design that includes its portable, non-vented DuroPure™ indoor air purification system equipped with a Tier-sourced, climate control unit in combination with a custom-designed DuroRoom™ retractable enclosure. The hybrid DuroPure™ unit delivers both a Class 100,000 (ISO8) clean room environment plus required temperature and humidity control. The DuroRoom™ enclosure retracts to 20% of the extended length when not in use.


Efficient material flow is accomplished by maneuvering the retracted Duroair clean room to the component after which the enclosure is extended around the component prior to the adhesive application. Temperature and humidity are efficiently and cost-effectively controlled while particulate and carbon filters provide required air quality. The use of existing floor space is maximized and no equipment and installation costs for air makeup are added.

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