Reducing Lead Times

Manufacturer of Aluminum Bus Systems for High Voltage Power Transmission


A U.S.-based manufacturer of aluminum bus systems for high voltage power transmission could not meet increased demand for its products due to long lead times and inadequate capacity availability from the outsourced paint and coatings function. The costs associated with the outsourced supply also had a negative impact on margins. The alternative solution of bringing the paint and coatings function in-house was not viable because a conventional permanent enclosure required cost-prohibitive additional air make-up capacity, while the associated equipment and infrastructure would impede the use of overhead cranes at 30' (9.1 metres) height used for handling the 60' (18.3 metres) long components. Due to the intermittent need for the paint and coatings function (one week each month), a permanent enclosure would reduce the usable existing floor/building space of the production facility.


Duroair suggested its fully portable, non-vented DuroPure™ indoor air purification system in combination with a custom-designed DuroRoom™ retractable enclosure. The DuroPure™ unit does not require air make-up and its air handling capacity is dictated by the area of the retractable enclosure, while the patented Tapered Airflow technology improves drying times and optimizes overspray control.


The fully integrated Duroair paint and coatings function results in dramatically reduced lead times, an increased capacity to meet product demand and superior finishing quality. Lower costs and shorter production cycles deliver an enhanced bottom line. Material handling with overhead cranes is not impeded while the use of existing floor space is maximized.

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