Clearing the Air for Weld Shop Productivity

Engineered Industrial Air Filtration


A North American weld shop needed a cost-effective way to isolate their robotic welding machine and contain the large clouds of indoor weld smoke that placed both employees and plant productivity at risk. PPE reduced respiratory threats, but did nothing to improve work area visibility.

In addition to covering their OSHA and EPA bases, the company needed a clean air solution to:


Duroair engineered a custom industrial air filtration system that automatically extracted fumes and particulates from the robotic welding machine and then flooded safe, clean air back into the building.

This all-in-one clean air solution included:


Because the entire industrial air filtration solution only required a 10x10x15 footprint, their workflows weren’t disrupted in the same building. Employees outside of the robotic machine enclosure no longer had to wear cumbersome PPE that inhibited productivity.

Today, the system is still delivering ROI, including:

Need a cost-effective clean air solution to mitigate weld smoke or other bottom-line-draining industrial indoor air hazards? Contact our industrial clean air experts today for a free consultation.

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