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Safety and Compliance

Safety and Compliance

Clean Air Solutions That Will Grow Your Business

At Duroair, we believe that workplace safety, environmental compliance, and business growth can all compliment one another.

That’s why we’ve engineered affordable, flexible air filtration systems that meet the following environmental and safety requirements while working with existing plans and processes to reduce capital expenditure, avoid ongoing expenses, and increase productivity.


Code Compliance Compliance Description
UL (U.S. and Canada) Standards to measure and validate performance, environmental health and sustainability
NFPA 33 Standard Spray Application using flammable or combustible materials
NFPA 17 Standard for dry chemical extinguishing systems
NFPA 701 Standard methods of fire tests for flame propagation of textiles and films
OHSA O.Reg 851 – 63 Industrial establishments – Ignition or Explosive
OHSA O.Reg 851 -65 Dust – Ignition or Explosive
OHSA O.Reg 213 Construction Projects (5.12 Fire Code – Spray Operation)
OSHA 29CFR – 1910.107 Spray Finishing using flammable and combustible material
OSHA 29CFR – 1910.94 Ventilation
EPA 40CFR – Part 63.11173 Spray Finishing Requirements

Duroair offers an exclusively-designed, Kidde Badger-approved fire suppression unit that consists of a four-nozzle in-line spreader equipped with Industry Guard Dry Chemical.

The Duroair team is also happy to work with your local regulatory body, if required. Contact us to discuss your unique needs.


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