Industrial Air Filtration Solutions

Solutions for Your Industry

From industrial air filtration to cellular manufacturing to non-destructive testing, Duroair engineers end-to-end solutions to shield your specific industry processes from dust or fumes that invite non-compliance fines, threaten employee safety, and derail productivity.

Aerospace & Aviation

Deploy with existing manufacturing cells without disrupting lead time.

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Alternative Energy

Shield delicate solar panel processes from air surface contamination.

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Lean Manufacturing

Boost one-piece flows and cellular processes with a modular solution.

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Minimize material handling disruptions for finishing and painting.

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Metal Fabrication

Meet your toughest EHS requirements without draining your bottom line.

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Military & Defense

Contain your largest jet, MRAP, or submarine manufacturing processes.

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Stone Cutting

Integrate OSHA-compliant dust protection with your existing layout.

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Speed up drying times while meeting your safety regulatory requirements.

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Yes, it’s Flexible, Retractable and Compliant

How is it possible for a portable, retractable enclosure with an unvented air filtration system to be EPA and OSHA compliant? Even when working with hexavalent chromium, isocyanates and VOCs? Our white paper explains how the clean air technology works.
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