An Industrial Breakthrough in Dust Collection

Duroair’s breakthrough in high-volume dust collection and OSHA-compliant air filtration comes in a powerful, compact solution for compliant clean air, without sacrificing floor space. Designed for reliable performance and easy maintenance, Duroair’s cartridge collectors provide cost-effective dust and fume collection.

For an innovative clean air solution, pair DuroCollector™ with:


Key Features

Technical Specifications

  • 2000 – 80,000 CFM design range
  • Cartridge collector can be upgraded to HEPA with optional after filter
  • Self-clean with automatic blow off
  • Manual clean available

DuroCollector™ ISO 14644-1 Classifications

All classifications are in accordance with U.S. Federal Standard 209E and represent concentrations of particles using reference size of 0.5 micron:

Code Compliance Code Description
OSHA Exceeds OSHA requirement of 25 μg/m3
OSHA 29CFR - 1910.94 ventilation
OHSA O.Reg 851-63 ignition or explosive
OHSA O.Reg 851-65 dust - ignition or explosive
OSHA silica standard for general industry
UL (U.S. and Canada) environmental health and sustainability
NFPA code compliant
EPA compliant