How it Works

The DuroRoom™ portable workstation is custom-engineered to accommodate any workspace and any workpiece. It retracts to 20% of its extended length to accommodate use of an overhead crane and facilitate material handling or save space when not in use. DuroRoom retractable enclosures are used for painting and coating, clean rooms, isolation rooms, anterooms or gowning rooms and non-destructive testing environments. Most DuroRooms retract but fixed rooms are also available. Sizes up to 50’ high x 65’ wide x any linear length.

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Key Features

  • Taper Draft Airflow Technology: Moves air through the enclosure in a cross-draft design, minimizing overspray on side walls and improving drying times.
  • Negative, positive or neutral pressure rooms: are available depending upon the process.
  • Code-Compliant Enclosure Frame: Galvanized, heavy wall tube steel frame with welded construction. Comes in 2” square steel tube, ladder truss, tri-truss or quad truss. Powder coating is available.
  • Vinyl Covering: Heat-welded vinyl and PVC scrim are flame retardant (meeting NFPA 701 requirements), rot, mildew and ultra-violet resistant, for indoor applications.
  • Lighting Options: Optional lighting is available; C1D1, C1D2 and standard LED. (Extra lighting is usually not required with our double-polished clear vinyl with 95% light transfer).
  • Quick Seals: Quick seals are used to penetrate the vinyl covering and allow mechanicals to enter the enclosure (for air, electrical requirements, etc.).
  • Fire Suppression: The fire suppression system in DuroRoom is designed by Kidde Badger and protects both exhaust systems and the enclosure. This design moves with the enclosure as it extends and retracts. For non-retracting DuroRooms, wet fire suppression systems can be used.

Technical Specifications

  • Modular design in 5’-0” or 6’-0” increments, with sizes up to 50’-0” high and 65’-0” wide with unlimited linear length.
  • Door options available: barn doors, bifold doors, solid curtain, mesh curtain, or open face.
  • Custom frame options, such as “V” groove wheels with inverted angle and track for enclosures greater than 40’ long.
  • Fabricated from cost competitive, fire-resistant clear and solid vinyl and heavy walled steel framing.
  • All vinyl NFPA 701 compliant, with clear, opaque, and custom options available.

For ISO classifications and other technical information, download our DuroRoom fact sheet!


DuroRoom™ ISO 14644-1 Classifications

All classifications are in accordance with U.S. Federal Standard 209E and represent concentrations of particles using reference size of 0.5 micron:

Code Compliance Code Description
ISO1 10 for 0.1 micron
2 for 0.2 micron
ISO2 100 for 0.1 micron
24 for 0.2 micron
10 for 0.3 micron
4 for 0.5 micron
ISOISO3 (Class 1)1 1,000 for 0.1 micron
237 for 0.2 micron
102 for 0.3 micron
35 for 0.5 micron
8 for 1 micron
ISO4 (Class 10) 10,000 for 0.1 micron
2,370 for 0.2 micron
1,020 for 0.3 micron
352 for 0.5 micron
83 for 1 micron
ISO5 (Class 100) 100,000 for 0.1 micron
23,700 for 0.2 micron
10,200 for 0.3 micron
3,520 for 0.5 micron
832 for 1 micron
29 for 5 microns
ISO6 (Class 1000) 1,000,000 for 0.1 micron
237,000 for 0.2 micron
102,000 for 0.3 micron
35,200 for 0.5 micron
8,320 for 1 micron
293 for 5 microns
ISO7 (Class 10,000) 352,000 for 0.5 micron
83,200 for 1 micron
2,930 for 5 microns
ISO8 (Class 100,000) 3,520,000 for 0.5 micron
832,000 for 1 micron
29,300 for 5 microns
ISO9 (Room Air) 35,200,000 for 0.5 micron
8,320,000 for 1 micron
293,000 for 5 microns