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Air Cleaning Systems

Air Cleaning Systems

Industrial Air Cleaning Systems - Air Flow DiagramIndustrial Air Cleaning Systems

Industrial Air Cleaning Systems

DuroTower is the world’s first automatically adjusting industrial air cleaning system.

Based in the air rotation concept, its specialized technology delivers significant energy savings, making it an effective welding fume extractor and general plant-wide air cleaning solution for open-floor-plan shops such as those engaged in metal fabrication and refinishing, as well as those that produce auto collision and woodworking dust.

DuroTower’s advantages include:

  • Improved air quality, which increases productivity and enhances performance
  • Longer-life filters that reduce costs and lessen material disposal fees
  • Significant energy savings

How This Industrial Air Cleaning System Works

DuroTower achieves its impressive efficiency through the de-stratification of heat layers, homogenizing air from floor to ceiling to within 5 degrees.

The intake and outlet are designed for the most efficient airflow pattern in the industry. The return scoops air at the floor, pulling particulate in a downdraft pattern. Meanwhile, the supply air is projected across the room with higher velocity to flood the surrounding space with clean air.

DuroTower Filters & Options

All DuroTower industrial air cleaning systems come with high-efficiency particulate filters that remove airborne particulates to one micron. Optional carbon filters and variable speed fans are also available.

DuroTower models 2500 and 5000 can be outfitted with casters so that they can be easily used as portable fume extractors or for other applications that require movable air cleaning equipment.

To discuss how DuroTower can be configured as a portable welding fume extractor — or a plant-wide industrial air cleaning system — contact Duroair today.

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The DuroTower System provides general air cleaning for whole plant application using the air rotation concept for welding smoke, fabrication shops, auto collision dust, woodworking dust, refinishing shops and more.

  • Improves air quality
  • Increases productivity
  • Enhances performance

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Inside the DuroTower, technologies work to remove airborne particulates to one mircon. The intake and outlet are designed for the most efficient air flow pattern in the industry to date and pulls particulates in a downdraft pattern.

  • Powerful and uniform distribution of purified air
  • Forcibly controls ambient dust and pollutants
  • Small footprint: 40″ x 50″

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Available Models



Industrial Applications

  • Heavy & Light Industrial
  • Educational Institutions
  • Metal Fabrication & Welding
  • Automotive Body Shops
  • Textile Factories
  • Woodworking Shops
  • Industrial/Commercial Bays

Safety & Compliance
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