5 Ways Industrial Dust Collection Systems Work to Improve Manufacturing Processes

5 Ways Industrial Dust Collection Systems Work to Improve Manufacturing Processes

There’s no question that dust can wreak havoc on your industrial processes, which is why dust collection systems and industrial air filtration are essential for safeguarding employees and preventing production disruptions. Grinding, cutting, sanding, and working with metal, stone, wood, or composites can release fine particles of dust that are dangerous when inhaled and can even pose fire hazards.

What’s more, fine dust particles compromise newly-painted or coated finishes and can settle into your valuable machinery components — not to mention the disruption to your workflows in the event of a dust explosion.

Fortunately, Duroair’s industrial dust collection systems go beyond standard dust collectors to meet and exceed OSHA compliance requirements while helping you reduce workflow disruptions and increase efficiencies. We can even customize these clean air systems according to your industry requirements, such as particle size (NESHAP 319 and HEPA) or dust volume to provide optimal protection.

How do industrial dust collection systems work? There are essentially two different types: vented and non-vented. Some examples include:

  • DuroTower™ is a non-vented, ambient air plant cleaning system that removes lower levels of dust found in many typical shop environments.
  • DuroDust™ is a non-vented system paired with a retractable DuroRoom™ enclosure for containing more troublesome dust contaminants, such as silica dust or sanding composites.
  • DuroCollector™ is a compact, reverse pulse, self cleaning, non-vented system paired with a retractable DuroRoom enclosure for filtering large volumes of dust particles, for more ongoing dust-producing processes.

Here are just a few ways these systems can help you create a more productive working environment to safeguard your bottom line while protecting your employees.

1: Increase Lean Efficiencies With Dust Collection Systems

For aerospace manufacturers and other OEMs who must work with large workpieces, transporting these products for sanding or blasting can disrupt other workflows in the same facility. Transporting large pieces also requires extensive material handling.

Fortunately, Duroair offers portable dust collection systems, to support lean manufacturing by making clean room environments adaptable to specific production needs. Cutting, sanding, or other dust-producing processes can take place without disrupting surrounding workflows and without having to organize product flows to a fixed clean room.

2: Reduce Maintenance Costs

As noted above, fine particles of dust can settle into every crook and crevice of your manufacturing equipment, which can increase maintenance costs. Dust can also interfere with your existing air ventilation and HVAC systems, which can result in unexpected plant shutdowns for days, weeks, or more.

Non-vented dust collector systems like DuroDust or DuroTower, can dramatically reduce these costs by trapping dust in a series of internal filters, recirculating climate-controlled clean air back into the workspace. Because these systems recirculate air that is already resident within the facility, it puts less wear and tear on an HVAC system.

3: Minimize Production Downtime

As noted earlier, fixed, traditional clean rooms require more downtime than portable dust collection systems, due to having to transport products for dust-producing processes. Filters in these fixed clean rooms are usually accessed through inconvenient ceiling barriers. After these filters are installed, the room has to be cleaned, re-balanced, re-tested and recertified. All of these steps add up to more downtime.

With Duroair’s portable dust collector systems, filter changing does not impact the clean room environment and is as simple as changing a filter on a residential gas heating unit, incurring only as much downtime as it takes to remove the old filters and insert the new ones.

4: Maximize Facility Workspace

More workspace can equal increased profits because it allows you to take on more manufacturing projects. Mobile and compact dust collection solutions like DuroDust require very little floor space and the retractable DuroRoom can be moved out of the way when not in use.

You can quickly install and deploy DuroDust when and where you need it, without disrupting existing workflows. It continuously filters fine dust like silica and tiny metal particles, while giving you that extra workspace to take on new work.

5: Increase Productivity and Product Quality

Earlier we mentioned that fine particles of dust can compromise newly coated or painted components, which is why industrial dust collection is essential to protecting product quality. Dust often results in surfacing rework to produce a quality product, reducing your overall profit margins.

Of course there are also the health risks associated with uncontrolled dust, which can impact productivity and invite mistakes down the production line. Removing dust with Duroair systems can improve your working environment and increase productivity.

How to Choose an Industrial Dust Collection System

One of the best ways to safeguard your productivity is to safeguard your most valuable assets — your employees — from harmful dust particles and other airborne contaminants. But first, you need to determine if a vented or non-vented dust collection system is right for your manufacturing operations.

Duroair can assess your facility and workflows to determine what type of industrial collection system makes the most sense to your bottom line. And every Duroair dust collection system can pair with the DuroRoom enclosure that retracts to less than 20% of its extended length for floor space maximization and full overhead crane access.

Contact our industrial clean air experts today for a free consultation to help you choose a dust collector solution to improve your air quality and increase productivity.

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