5 Ways Collapsible Paint Booths Solve Painting & Coating Challenges

5 Ways Collapsible Paint Booths Solve Painting & Coating Challenges

A Collapsible paint booth is an agile, clean air solution for addressing both workflow bottlenecks and indoor air quality challenges involved with finishing processes, including sanding, coating and painting.

For example, a growing aviation manufacturer may face a crisis with its painting; it is not able to keep up with the increase in orders, which is adding to lead times. The manufacturer anticipates moving into a larger space, but not for another 18 months or so. While the current issues need to be addressed, the manufacturer also must determine solutions for a transition and for the long term.

Duroair has designed a collapsible paint booth system that brings clean air to where the production work is done. It’s a patented industrial air filtration system that is always responsive to the manufacturing reality of lean, agile production workflows. The retractable paint booth system is a portable solution that checks all the industry compliance boxes while helping to safeguard employee health and safety — and the bottom line.

Here are five ways a collapsible paint booth can address some of the common challenges surrounding finishing processes.

1. A collapsible paint booth creates a more versatile primary workstation.

One of the most tangible benefits of Duroair’s collapsible paint booth systems is flexibility. For example:

  • The clean air systems are literally flexible, opening and closing around a process and a large workpiece.
  • They can be integrated into existing work cells.
  • Each enclosure can serve as an all-in-one sanding, coating and painting booth where workers simply change out filters for each task.
  • They provide additional additional floor space and flexibility to take on new contracts without having to increase real estate.

2. Retractability offers a single solution for intermittent painting and sanding.

Duroair’s portable, retractable enclosures enable large, single-use spaces to be subdivided into multi-chamber workspaces where multiple processes can be performed safely side by side, maximizing productivity.

This mobility and flexibility greatly helps keep multi-facility production on schedule. When painting and/or prep work is completed, the enclosure can break down in hours and stored at a fraction of its functional space or moved to be used elsewhere in the facility.

3. Collapsible paint booths provide more flexibility while meeting compliance regulations.

Painting, sanding or coating needs vary greatly, but it often involves some of the most hazardous air pollutants in manufacturing – hexavalent chromium, isocyanates and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Collapsible paint booths are a cost-effective solution to protect workers against these indoor air hazards, without sacrificing workflow flexibility.

If you have an older shop that needs upgrading or if you’re an environmental health and safety officer who is looking to add certification, you need to be sure your compliance bases are covered. Duroair has undergone intensive third-party testing to verify that its solutions meet or exceed the most stringent OSHA, EPA and NESHAP industrial air quality standards. The test results can be found here.

4. Faster install time dramatically reduces project timelines.

Got a new contract and need a paint booth immediately? The modular, collapsible paint booths from Duroair can be installed in days and weeks, not months, so commissioning time is greatly reduced. A significantly reduced timeline is just one financial benefit of a collapsible paint booth.

5. Retractable paint booth saves money on investment and operations.

There’s a strong economic case for a collapsible paint booth versus a traditional, permanent clean room. A retractable paint booth costs less to build than a traditional system, which requires a permanent footprint and venting, which can be costly, especially if a facility is at its EPA limit for exhaust stacks. Heating and cooling costs are reduced with non-vented units because air is not vented to the outside.

Some manufacturers have chosen to outsource some or all of their painting, sanding and coating work, whether it was to potentially reduce regulatory requirements or a hesitancy to invest in capital equipment or having to acquire the expertise for additional processes. But outsourcing is costly and creates longer lead times and comes with expenses for material handling as well as for the work itself.

Duroair has developed innovative, industrial clean air solutions that bring clean air to the workpiece, which will allow some manufacturers to bring painting, sanding and coating in house. These solutions provide:

  • More control over work.
  • The ability to work on multiple types of activities at the same time.
  • The ability to add these processes without expanding space – the portable paint booth enclosure retracts when not in use.

Other efficiencies from a collapsible paint booth include less damage to parts and materials because the movement of workpieces between manufacturing cells is reduced, which in turn reduces costs and time for that material handling.

Collapsible Paint Booths That Move With Your Workflow

Duroair’s retractable paint booths are among the most flexible industrial clean-air solutions in the marketplace. Our experts can show you how we can create the most flexible solution possible to:

  • Increase operational efficiency.
  • Find agile ways to safeguard critical tasks.
  • Reduce downtime.
  • Safeguard products without impacting productivity.
  • Ensure employee safety.
  • Meet all compliance requirements.

Contact our industrial clean air experts today for a free consultation.

Learn How Duroair Designs Flexible Solutions That Move With Your Workflow
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