Duroair Now GSA-Approved to Provide Mission-Critical Industrial Air Filtration

GSA-Approved for Industrial Air Filtration

In order to better serve the indoor air quality (IAQ) needs for mission-critical manufacturing operations, Duroair is now an approved contractor for the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), the go-to source for federal and state operations to find products and solutions. This approval opens the door for federal and state operations seeking quick-deploy industrial air filtration to safeguard employees during manufacturing and maintenance tasks.

Safeguard Employees & Prevent Bottlenecks

From Air Force F-15s to Army jeeps, keeping mission-critical equipment in working order requires regular machining, welding, metal finishing, coating, and painting processes that produce airborne, hazardous contaminants.

Military transportation machinery and equipment require special coatings to ensure components will last in the field. Unfortunately, these durable coatings often contain toxic hexavalent chromium, isocyanates, and VOCs that are released during sanding, coating, and painting. Hexavalent Chromium is released almost every time these components require finishing, exposing workers to airborne carcinogens and irritants.

Protecting employees from these IAQ threats often requires workflow delays, such as airing out an aircraft hangar after sanding, coating, or painting large jet components. Workflows cannot continue until the hangar is deemed safe for employees to re-enter. For projects such as re-camouflaging Humvees to be re-deployed in the field after completing desert operations, contractors are usually forced to designate a separate location to remove the old paint and then apply the new paint color.

Transporting vehicles to a dedicated area requires extensive material handling and man-hours. This only compounds the labor required to clean up the sand and dust from previous deployments.

Duroair can eliminate many of these production bottlenecks with modular, industrial air filtration systems that can be deployed in hours. These flexible, multipurpose clean rooms can move with cellular workflows to safeguard workers, without interrupting production flows.

Each portable, Duroair booth can:

  • Serve as an all-in-one sanding, coating, and painting booth where workers simply change out filters for each task
  • Break down in hours to be shipped and quickly re-deployed to another facility, to keep multi-facility production on schedule
  • Provide additional floor space and flexibility to take on new contracts without having to increase real estate

A custom-engineered, industrial air filtration solution can deliver these benefits while cost-effectively shielding workers from airborne hexavalent chromium and VOCs.

Cover Your IAQ Compliance Bases

When time is money, government contractors cannot afford compliance issues to delay production, construction, or maintenance operations. This is why every Duroair clean air solution meets EPA, OSHA, and NFPA standards – and even exceeds NESHAP 319 air filtration requirements.

Our compliant clean rooms are built to spec to meet your compliance needs, including:

  • Protection to ISO level 5 to meet ISO cleanroom standards
  • HEPA filtration 99.97% capture rate
  • Filtration capable of capturing hexavalent chromium superior to NESHAP 319
  • Positive or negative pressure as required
  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Air quality monitor and magnehelic gauge to indicate when filters require changing
  • NFPA 33 compliant motor and electrical systems work outside of the air stream
  • Air filtration ranging from 800 CFM to 80,000 CFM

Giving government environmental officers peace of mind is just good business if you want to keep your mission-critical operations on schedule. At Duroair, we go beyond compliance to deliver real value for your industrial air filtration investment.

It’s just one more reason U.S. military and defense manufacturers turn to Duroair for quick-deploy, cost-effective indoor air filtration. By bringing clean air to each workpiece, our custom-engineered solutions can save valuable man-hours, floor space, and prevent production bottlenecks.

Look for Duroair on the GSA eBuy website (MAS Contract Number: 47QSWA20D006W). Or, Contact our industrial clean air experts today to learn more.

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