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Taper-Draft Air Filtration Technology

Taper-Draft Air Filtration Technology

Industrial Air Purification Systems

air flowDuroair’s patented taper-draft airflow — an innovative air purification technology that is an efficient alternative to the prevalent cross-draft process — is at the heart of the company’s market-leading industrial air filtration systems, which provide clean air solutions that reduce operating costs and improve productivity.

How Our Air Purification Technology Works

Air purification systems equipped with taper draft technology pull a high volume of clean air through an intake filter that, once inside the enclosure, creates an envelope of airflow over the work piece and continues to flow directly into the filter chamber. The result is a clean air chamber that serves as a working area that is not susceptible to dirty or dusty floors.

This isolated work area delivers improved drying times, optimized control of overspray, and superior finishes. A wicking process created by the air envelope pulls moisture off the work piece, significantly reducing coating dry times, especially for water-based paints and coatings. The air envelope also creates a clean air chamber safe to work in and impervious to contamination.

When taper draft air purification systems are used correctly, overspray is pulled directly into the tapered filtration chamber and does not settle on the work piece, shop floors, paint booths, or anywhere that may result in a quality issue.

To find out more about clean air solutions featuring taper-draft airflow and to see what sorts of Duroair air filtration systems can be tailored to meet your needs, contact us today.

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