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Vertical Cartridge Dust Collectors

Vertical Cartridge Dust Collectors

Industrial Dust Collector

Industrial Dust Collector

The DuroCollector is a high-efficiency, portable dust collection system that can filter large volumes of contaminated air despite its relatively small size. Use it to preserve clean air in your facility while saving space — and operating expenses.

Thanks to its compact design, you can install a DuroCollector where you need it, quickly improving air quality in the zones that have the most immediate need.

How the DuroCollector Dust Collector Works

Relying on vertical filters — rather than a typical, inefficient horizontal configuration — the DuroCollector industrial dust collector’s self-cleaning system filters sub-micronic dust particles in a continuous operation with a constant differential pressure loss.

The dust-filled gases enter the dust collector through the side intake of the hopper under vacuum or pressure. The gases then travel through the vertical cartridges for filtering and exit through the venturis into the clean air plenum. Depending on the application, the clean air DuroCollector outputs can either be channeled outside or re-circulated.

Industrial Dust Collector Nanofiber Filter Features

  • Best in class MERV 15 efficiency on sub micron particulate
  • Lower initial and operating pressure drop
  • Reduction in cleaning cycles, prolongs filter life
  • Compressed air and energy savings
  • Reduced outlet emissions
  • Reduced downtime

To see if the DuroCollector dust collector system can be configured to meet your environmental, pricing, process, and facility requirements, contact Duroair today.

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The DuroCollector maintains a 100% filtration rate at all times, unlike horizontal cartridge designs that reduce filtering surface efficiency by up to 30%.

  • Vertical Cartridge Design
  • Fast, Simple and Safe Cartridge Replacement
  • Continuous Operation

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With the ability to filter highly contaminated air volumes while remaining extremely compact, the DuroCollector is a breakthrough.

  • Louvered Intake Side Hinged Door
  • NFPA Code Compliant
  • Economical

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Industry Applications – Coating, Painting, Grinding, Paint Mixing Booth, Finishing Systems, and Sanding

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Defense
  • Marine
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Other Industries

Safety & Compliance
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