Duroair at AeroDef 2019

Duroair at AeroDef 2019: Advanced Air Filtration Solutions for Aerospace and Defense

Duroair was pleased to join the world’s largest collaboration of Aerospace and Defense manufacturing innovators at AeroDef 2019. This year’s event drew thousands of industry OEMs and top government influencers to share technologies and solutions that empower manufacturing competitiveness in the global economy.

Duroair was at booth #1921, where we showcased our latest, advanced clean air solutions designed to increase efficiency and reduce capital expenditures for large-scale and mission-critical manufacturing operations.

Flexible, Cost-Effective Air Filtration When and Where It’s Needed

Time is money. Duroair’s non-vented air filtration system combined with retractable enclosures provide Aerospace and Defense OEMs the flexibility to accommodate even the most rapid-moving logistics associated with additive manufacturing.

Clean air is brought to the job, enabling workers to safely and quickly set up temporary maintenance locations and complete grinding, painting, or sanding assignments on schedule.

With a Duroair clean air solution, Aerospace and Defense manufacturers can:

  • Improve dry times, control overspray, and mitigate worker exposure during painting and coating processes
  • Stay EPA, NFPA, OSHA, and UL compliant during all phases of each project, particularly during research and development
  • Make last-minute engineering and manufacturing changeovers without having to move large workpieces
  • Gain full use of overhead cranes for loading and unloading large workpieces from secure, contained workspaces
  • Ensure privacy for mission-sensitive operations, with fewer personnel needed to set up the modular clean air system

Did You Visit the Duroair Booth #1921?

AeroDef 2019 was an opportunity to learn how modular air filtration offers a flexible alternative to permanent clean room installations and enclosures, and can be inserted into Aerospace and Defense manufacturing processes on an as-needed basis.

Duroair’s retractable clean rooms and enclosures can be deployed when and where needed, limiting downtime and improving productivity on the facility floor. Retracting to 20 percent of its extended length, the modular enclosure system can be stored efficiently when not in use to maximize existing floor space.

Easily tailored to the size and needs of Aerospace and Defense OEM processes, these modular clean air solutions are ideal for:

  • Climate-controlled clean rooms and welding stations
  • Facilities that require the full use of overhead cranes for loading and unloading
  • R&D facilities engaged in prototyping and validation
  • Airline maintenance and repair facilities
  • Enclosure applications that run in low volumes

To learn how a Duroair end-to-end air quality solution can help you reduce your operational costs and increase efficiency, schedule a free consultation with one of our clean air experts at AeroDef 2019.

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