8 Ways A Portable Clean Room Helps Your Aerospace Operation

8 Ways A Portable Clean Room Helps Your Aerospace Operation

Portable clean rooms offer a perfect solution for aerospace operations that need access to a clean room in days (not months) and are looking for a higher return on investment. Here are eight ways a softwall clean room will benefit your aerospace operation:

It reduces your material handling time

Moving massive aerospace components to and from clean rooms is a huge investment of time and labor. In some cases, the entire shop floor might have to shut down while you move a large component into place. This results in significant downtime that could otherwise be spent working on other projects, jamming up your work schedule and reducing profits. With a portable enclosure, you bring the clean room to the part, reducing material handling time and letting other projects continue without delay on the shop floor.

It can collapse when you don’t need it

Permanent clean rooms take up valuable floor space — space that is wasted when the clean room is not in use. Duroair’s innovative enclosures can be collapsed to 20% of their fully extended length, freeing up floor space for other projects when you don’t need to use the clean room. If you’ve been putting off a permanent clean room because you don’t want to give up the square footage, a portable enclosure might be the perfect solution for you.

It offers a flexible configuration and footprint

With a permanent clean room, you have a set footprint and configuration that is difficult — if not impossible — to adjust to fit your changing needs. Meanwhile, Duroair’s softwall clean rooms allow you to customize the footprint to accommodate any unusual shop floor arrangements. One Duroair model is a multi-chamber enclosure that can be reconfigured to have one, two, or three interior chambers to suit the nature of whatever job you are working on at the time.

It ensures that your shop floor is code compliant

Keeping your workers healthy and safe by maintaining EPA and OSHA compliance is an important concern for shop floors. If your facility is older, it might not be worth the investment to retroactively add a code-compliant permanent clean room. In fact, this very situation is what leads so many facilities to job out work to other facilities that require clean rooms, costing them valuable revenue. Duroair’s retractable aerospace clean rooms are Class 1,000 compliant, covering a range from ISO Class 9 to ISO Class 6, which helps your facility stay code compliant without costly and permanent renovations.

It improves overall work quality

Having subpar clean room protocols isn’t just dangerous for your workers, it also interferes with the quality of the work. For instance, if not properly contained and filtered, grinding dust will interfere with coating curing, causing defects in the part and prolonging the project timeline. Using a portable clean room will stop these accidents from happening and improve the overall quality of your work.

It increases manufacturing throughput

Anything you can do to reduce your aerospace facility’s downtime will increase your throughput (and possibly your revenue). A portable clean room contributes to this in several ways, including reducing material handling time and allowing you to keep more work in house. If clean room work has been negatively impacting your throughput, a softwall clean room could make a big difference for your shop floor’s efficiency.

It decreases wear and tear on your facility

Not having a proper ISO clean room causes wear and tear — not only on your workers, but also on the physical building itself. In particular, you will notice your HVAC system degrading more quickly than it should be as it struggles with all the particulates in the air. By adding a portable aerospace clean room to your facility, you can prevent this premature wear and tear from happening, further contributing to your ROI.

It reduces costs and increases profits

When taken together, all of these factors mean that you will reduce your costs while increasing efficiency and profits by using a portable clean room. If clean room work has been an ongoing source of difficulty for your aerospace operation, a portable clean room can help solve those problems while offering a big return on investment — without requiring ongoing air make-up or supplementary ductwork.

A softwall clean room is proof that when your aerospace facility needs immediate help, you don’t have to invest a significant amount of money and time into permanent renovations. Whether you plan to use a Duroair clean room as an ongoing solution, or you just need something to bridge the gap until your permanent facilities are finished, we have a clean room to meet your needs. Contact an industrial clean air expert today to discuss which Duroair clean room is right for your aerospace operation.

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