Visit Us at Space Tech Expo from May 23-25

Visit Us at Space Tech Expo from May 23-25

Mark your calendars for the Space Tech Expo on March 23-25, 2022, and come attend the West Coast’s must-see B2B exhibition and conference for space technology and services. Duroair will be displaying its breakthrough industrial clean air enclosures in booth 6043, so please stop by or schedule a consultation ahead of time to talk to one of our clean air experts.

A Retractable Aerospace Clean Room Provides Many Benefits

Most aerospace manufacturing clients at the expo are interested in our portable, retractable aerospace clean rooms and paint booths, and with good reason. With a standard clean room that is permanently built into your facility, you have to move any parts or large workpieces to the clean room rather than bringing clean air to the existing work cell. When the permanent clean room is not in use it sits empty, taking up valuable square footage that could be used for another function.

In fact, many shops end up outsourcing work that requires a clean room or paint booth, such as sanding, painting and coating, because it simply isn’t worth the expense to construct and maintain a permanent clean room on site. This results in a loss of revenue for the shop itself and also further fractures the supply chain, opening up the possibility for more issues and delays.

Having a retractable clean room or paint booth reduces your material handling time because you can move the enclosure to the work piece rather than transporting the work piece to the room. Large aerospace components can be costly to move. It can be a time-consuming process that sometimes requires other work areas to shut down while the workpiece is being moved. The ability to bring clean air to the aerospace manufacturing work area is a huge advantage. Retractable air clean rooms also provide much more flexibility for your shop floor. When not in use, they retract to about 20 percent of their overall footprint, freeing up valuable floor space for other tasks.

How Our Innovative Air Filtration System Works

Many people wonder how a portable, retractable clean room or paint booth can provide filtration that is OSHA compliant for aerospace component manufacturing and the presence of hexavalent chromium and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Hexavalent chromium is a toxic airborne carcinogen that is released into the air during aerospace manufacturing processes such as metal cutting, grinding and finishing, and painting and coating. It is harmful not just to the skin and eyes but also to the respiratory system.

Thus, proper filtration is key to avoiding injury and staying OSHA compliant.

Duroair’s modular industrial air filtration solutions isolate and capture dangerous hexavalent chromium particulates. Our patented DuroPure™ air filtration system consists of six filters. The first three filters capture particulate, and the last three filters treat the rest of the air. The first filter captures particulates to 10 microns in size, the second filter captures particulates to 5 microns in size, and the third filter usually captures 1 microns in size but can be changed to capture particulate as small as .03 microns in size.

The first filter, which captures the most particulate and thus needs to be replaced most frequently, is the most accessible and also the most affordable to replace. We designed this sequence to extend the life of the following filters and to combine effective filtration with cost efficiency.

The remaining three filters deploy a combination of carbon and UV filters to remove harmful VOCs from the air and capture gaseous pollutants in carbon filters. Once the air passes through all six filters of the DuroPure system, it has been cleansed and is released back into the shop space. When taken together, all six filters capture 100% of airborne particulates and pass OSHA standards — all while offering the advantages of portability and collapsibility.

Retractable Clean Air Solutions Can Remove Friction From Your Supply Chain

The theme of this year’s Space Tech Expo is “maintaining and growing a strategic, strong and inclusive U.S. supply chain.” Our clean air enclosures are perfect examples of an innovation that can help support a healthy aerospace supply chain within the U.S.

Our portable clean rooms and paint rooms can reduce outsourcing and reduce material handling time and costs, which boost your efficiency and bottom line.

For an in-person demonstration, come visit us at booth 6043 during the expo. If you have more in-depth questions that you’d like to discuss during a consultation, then schedule an appointment at the expo with one of our clean air experts ahead of time to ensure that you get the face time that you need.

Contact our industrial clean air experts today for a free consultation on how we can bring clean air to your aerospace manufacturing operation.

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