9 Ways a Portable Paint Booth Boosts Your Bottom Line

9 Ways a Portable Paint Booth Boosts Your Bottom Line

Portable paint booths don’t just help your business stay OSHA compliant, they provide a host of other benefits. From reducing material handling to decreasing the need for outsourcing, portable paint booths make the shop floor safer, save time, increase productivity, and improve the bottom line. Below are nine specific ways that investing in a portable spray booth with DuroRoom™ technology can help your business grow.

Your material handling time is reduced

With a mobile paint booth, instead of moving the part to a dedicated painting area, you bring the enclosure to the part. This significantly reduces your material handling, allowing your employees to spend more time on other tasks. It also saves you from having to shut down other functions on the shop floor while you wait for large parts such as turbines to be safely relocated to a permanent enclosure. Instead, you can leave the parts where they are and assemble the booth around the large workpiece.

You can retract it to use the floor space for other tasks

If you only have intermittent painting needs, then you are probably reluctant to dedicate some of your precious shop floor space to a permanent paint room that you will only use some of the time. Our Duroair portable paint rooms can be collapsed to just 20 percent of their functional space. This allows you to store them when not in use so you perform other tasks in that area of your shop floor.

You can change out interior chambers

Unlike a permanent paint room with a set floorplan, our enclosures can be reconfigured to have between one and three chambers to suit your prepping, sanding, and painting needs. With our latest innovation, a multi-chamber enclosure, you can easily modify the setup to suit the workflow of various jobs without added capital expense.

The all-in-one capabilities provide flexibility

Due to the advanced filtration, each Duroair enclosure or chamber can act as an all-in-one space so that a large workpiece does not have to be moved between prep work, sanding, and painting. This further reduces your material handling time and allows your team to move seamlessly from one stage to another with minimal downtime.

You can customize the enclosure’s footprint

Does your shop have an unusual floor plan or existing work cells that you must accommodate with a paint booth? The modular construction of our portable paint booths allows you to customize the footprint to fit within your existing space and needs. You are investing in a portable spray booth that will fit whatever available space you have.

Your commissioning time is decreased

If you have a lot of work coming in and need more painting space ASAP, retractable paint booths can get you up and running in days, not weeks or months. This quick turnaround means that you can shorten lead times, stick to your deadlines, and keep your customers happy instead of having to turn away potential work because of a painting backlog.

Your heating and cooling costs are reduced

Our retractable paint booths don’t require vents due to our multi-stage filters and a unique design that captures particulate, cleans the remaining air of dangerous toxins and circulates the clean air back into the facility. This means that air does not need to be vented outside the facility, saving you money not only on the venting system itself but also on heating and cooling costs.

It allows your older facility to be code compliant

If you are currently located in an older building, it can take a huge outlay of money, time, and effort to ensure that the space is up to OSHA, EPA and NESHAP industrial air quality standards. This leads many older shops to outsource painting to newer facilities, because it simply isn’t worth the costly investment to renovate their permanent space. A portable paint booth will let you create a compliant space within your existing shop floor without the time and money that a permanent renovation would require.

You can keep more work in-house

Speaking of outsourcing, if you have been sending a lot of paint work to outside vendors because you don’t currently have a paint room, setting up a portable booth can help you keep that work in-house. This not only saves money on outside vendors, it also gives you more control over the quality of painting and helps you manage the timelines more closely.

Retractable, Compliant Paint Booths That Move With Your Workflow

All of these advantages mean that portable paint booths reduce downtime, increase productivity, and decrease bottlenecks. This improves your bottom line and allows for more growth. If you are ready to reap these advantages, contact us today to get a quote for a Duroair portable paint booth that will meet your needs.

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