How DuroPure's 6-Stage Industrial Air Filtration System Works in a Portable Enclosure

How DuroPure's 6-Stage Industrial Air Filtration System Works in a Portable Enclosure

Duroair created the first indoor industrial air filtration system with its breakthrough DuroPure™ six-stage technology. The patented DuroPure system combines six layers of filters with a collapsible, non-vented enclosure in a recirculating system for the most hazardous industrial environments with hexavalent chromium, such as painting and coating that are common in aerospace and defense manufacturing. The enclosure is an effective and versatile air filtration system that can be adapted to your business needs. It also eliminates the need to exhaust contaminants to the outside environment.

Here’s how our six-stage industrial air filtration system works in a portable enclosure.

The First Three Filters Capture Dangerous Particulates

The first three filters of the DuroPure system capture particulates, while the next three filters treat the remaining air. The first-stage filter captures particulates to 10 microns in size, and the second-stage filter captures particulates to 5 microns in size. The third-stage filter will vary for specific applications and requirements. Many uses will call for a filter that captures particulates to 1 micron in size, but there are filters available for more advanced filtration that accommodate MERV 15, HEPA, or NESHAP 319 standards by capturing particulates to .03 microns.

By configuring the filters like this, we ensure that larger particulates are captured in that first filter, which is the most accessible and the most affordable to replace as well. This setup extends the life of the finer filters in the remaining stages, which allows you to replace them less often, saving your business time, effort, and money while remaining OSHA compliant — without sacrificing on performance and safety.

The setup also provides you with the flexibility to do different operations in the enclosure just by changing the front face filter.

The Next Three Filters Combine to Remove VOCs

After the air passes through the first three stages of particulate capture, it moves into the second phase — a three-stage gas filtration process that employs a combination of carbon and UV filters. The UV light uses a process called photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) to break apart molecules into water and carbon dioxide, thereby removing harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from the air. Two layers of activated charcoal absorb odors and gaseous pollutants.

The filtered, clean air is released back into the shop space. When combined together, these two phases of industrial air filtration capture 100% of airborne particulates and eliminate chemicals and vapors well within OSHA standards.

The Enclosure is Retractable and Portable to Maximize Floor Space

This industrial air cleaning system takes place in a portable, retractable enclosure that you can collapse to 20 percent of its functional space when not in use. This collapsible design of our DuroRoom™ technology allows you to use shop floor space for other functions and use your square footage more efficiently. These enclosures are also available in fixed designs and are fully customizable in a variety of configurations to suit your needs and floorplan.

Our latest innovation is an enclosure that can be configured to create up to three chambers using sliding curtain walls; one or both of the sliding curtain walls can be open or closed as needed. Due to the unique filtration system, each chamber can be dedicated to a specific function or used for similar work. This allows you to do adjacent prep work, sanding, and painting without having to move workpieces or materials. The flexibility helps decrease bottlenecks and production times.

The Enclosure is Designed With Safeguards and To Operate Unvented

The enclosure does not require a complicated, expensive venting system — and yes, it is still OSHA compliant without requiring ducting or makeup air. That is because the enclosure interlocks the fan and spray air so that the system will not allow the user to spray contaminants unless the fan is running. The design also interlocks the spray air with a VOC monitor to ensure that the VOC level does not rise above 50ppm (which is the allowable 8-hour time weighted average as specified by OSHA).

The ingenious design of the DuroPure system allows you to recirculate the filtered air within the facility, eliminating the need for venting, air makeup and its associated costs. This means that you do not have to worry about the design and engineering of additional mechanical systems, securing permits for the system, the construction of supporting infrastructure, equipment purchase, installation and air makeup system operation, and anything else related to venting. Together, this represents a significant cost and labor savings for your business.

Duroair Can Help You Bring Clean Air to Large Workpieces

When all of these features are viewed together, DuroPure's six-stage industrial air filtration system offers substantial benefits and solves many problems while bringing clean air to the workspace and large workpieces.

Duroair has a family of industrial air filtration systems, ranging from its patented 6-stage DuroPure™ to 4-, 3- and 2-stage systems and clean rooms for different needs. Contact us today to discuss your business’ filtration needs and to get a free quote for our products.

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