Air Filtration Benefits Metal Fabricators

The Benefits of Modular Air Filtration Solutions for Metal Fabricators

Metal fabrication is a dirty business, which means air filtration is essential. Many fabrication processes put fumes, smoke, and particulates into the air. Grinding, welding, abrasive blasting, sanding and spraying are all culprits.

Without effective air filtration, your shop environment can quickly become hazardous to worker safety, productivity, facility maintenance, and more.

Like other manufacturing industries, metal fabricators provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to workers to mitigate the risk from exposure. Combined with fume hoods and extraction systems at problem operations like welding, PPE can provide the minimum levels of protection needed, but does little to enhance overall facility air quality or positively impact production.

Additionally, particulates can also coat surfaces and clog filters, reducing machine life and increasing your maintenance workload.

Finally, space constraints in your shop can make or break whether an air filtration solution is solving or creating problems for your bottom line.

When considering the wide-reaching impact on employee safety, productivity, and your budget — an effective industrial air filtration solution is far more than just a compliance consideration for metal fabricators.

Examining the Benefits of Modular Air Filtration for Fabricators

Fabricators looking to implement effective clean air controls often struggle with the constraints imposed by products, processes, and layout.

In many shops, assemblies are moved through by cranes, both gantry and jib style, which are largely incompatible with dedicated clean rooms. In shops committed to lean practices, flexibility is essential, which also makes fixed structures counterintuitive.

A modular air filtration solution can tackle these challenges head on, allowing a shop to set up a metal fabrication clean room or enclosure where it’s needed rather than in whatever space is available.

Let’s break down some of the key benefits of a modular air filtration solution for fabricators:

Air Quality

The obvious benefit, a modular air filtration solution is an effective means of improving worker safety by providing protection from exposure to harmful elements like manganese as well as other particulates. A cleaner shop needs less housekeeping and can even become a skilled workforce recruitment tool.


In addition to mitigating impact on maintenance, modular air filtration solutions help protect the life of your manufacturing equipment, which is less likely to suffer premature or accelerated wear as a result of exposure to contaminants and particulates.


A modular air filtration solution also avoids the production layout or workflow compromises imposed by permanent clean rooms. Instead of moving the work into a room, the enclosure can come to the workpiece. Many fabricators find this flexibility particularly useful when using cranes to move workpieces through the shop. Cost Savings

Modular air filtration solutions can also reduce capital expense due to installation, permitting, and construction, as well as ongoing operating costs related to air makeup. Combined with the productivity gains from better space utilization and integration with existing workflows, it’s a win-win for fabricators who have limited space and budget to devote to air filtration.

Duroair Modular Air Filtration Solutions for Fabricators

If shop floor space is limited and you’re looking for a cost-effective clean air solution for isolating your manufacturing operations, we can help:


DuroCap™ is a highly adaptable, vented air filtration solution that can be tailored to your facility’s requirements and is designed to filter 99.4% of airborne contaminants.


DuroRoom™ retractable clean air enclosure is there when you need it, out of the way when you don’t. This customizable enclosure system is capable of retracting to 20% of its extended length with ease, limiting downtime while improving productivity.


DuroPure™ is the world’s first modular air filtration system designed to capture 100% of airborne particulates, gases, and vapors without exhausting to the outside. This ensures contaminants are removed from the enclosed work area while avoiding capital expense for installation and permitting and the additional operating costs for heating or cooling make-up air.

Discover What a Duroair Air Filtration Solution Can Do For You

For fabricators interested in going beyond EHS compliance and making clean air a competitive advantage in your fabrication shop — let’s talk.

If you’re attending Fabtech 2018 and want to experience Duroair solutions in person, you can visit this page or call 1-888-730-0911 to schedule a free consultation with one of our clean air experts at the event.

If you’re not attending Fabtech, then you can contact our sales team via the website or call 1-888-730-0911 to discuss a solution tailored to your fabrication shop.

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